New updated Dynaudio Confidence line.

Dynaudio finally updated the Confidence line. They look nice but I had a moment of sticker shock though.

Ugh.  I can't stand the Robocop look that's become fashionable.
Crazy man!  I found bliss with my JBL 4429’s after years of chasing the latest mega buck equipment and speakers.  Also discovered that Anticables are the real deal...their 3.1 XLR’s destroyed my $12k MIT’s!!
I think they look nice enough. Probably better in person. Out of my price range anyway. I would want the larger ones for my room. 

Video link below
They made in Denmark or China?
I believe only the cabinets are made in China.
I don't get why they used a waveguide with the towers but not the new Confidence bookshelf. It was on demo during RMAF and definitely had off-axis dispersion issues.
@wildfoxinn - Not meant to be a negative but we need to be realistic, there are often marketing considerations involved in design decisions. If they provided all of the new Confidence features in their entry level model there would be less incentive for customers to move up the line. There need to be audible gains beyond bass extension in the larger models.
@wildfoxinn what off axis issues?
The typical "bloom" at 3-5 KHz and narrow dispersion between the large woofer and 1" tweeter in the 1-3K range, basically the same thing the C1 suffered from. (Look at Stereophile horizontal dispersion measurements of the C1).
Just terrible so overpriced we aren't paying for engineering here but the investment group who purchased Dynaudio leveraging the brand and jacking the price up to reap profits 
If the cabinets are really made in China, that's disappointing. Part of the Dynaudio experience was getting real Danish artisan cabinets and veneers. I can understand entry lines being ported to China, but Confidence speakers are the flagship and should be entirely made in Denmark.

I can confirm that the current Contour 60 speakers are clearly marked "Made in Denmark" with no further disclaimer.