New update for VPI tables

Harry tells me there is a new magic lubricant for use in his tables that makes an audible difference. He's sending me some = I'll let you know.

Update of the month. Harry really knows how to churn sales :)
Good for Harry - He's always trying to make his products better. In truth, they are some of the very best you can buy. Upgrades are all optional and retrofittabke, I personally commend him for his expertise in making the product even better. ...that he makes money for this is absolutely expected.
I agree with Stringreen. Nobody is forcing anyone to purchase any of VPI's upgrades. The products speak for themselves, and certainly any of his current tables are pretty great in the most basic stock form.

But it sure is nice to have the option of trying to squeeze a bit more performance from your rig, and in most cases, that's exactly what happens with most of VPI's upgrades. Certainly, some are better than others. The SDS, Super Platter, and outer ring have provided a big increase in performance, while the HRX feet have not. But that's ok. In the end it's my choice, and I'm happy to have he option.

VPI is a terrific company that provides good products, good value, and good support. That's good enough for me.
Harry is trying to make his products better, except for the ones that he has abandoned support for.
"Harry is trying to make his products better, except for the ones that he has abandoned support for."

No manufacturer can provide support, in perpetuity, for every product they've ever made. It is unrealistic and would be cost prohibitive. Try getting most parts for vintage McIntosh. They simply are no longer available.
Please understand, this is an observation, not a value judgement. Linn supports tables from the 1970s, Audio Research supports every model made back to the 1970s, there are plenty of manufacturers that support products for long periods. I am sure that these companies do not find it unrealistic or cost prohibitive, or they would not do it. Each manufacturer must decide what is correct for their own business model.
So the lubricant is probably cheap but how many platter upgrades is he going to come out with? How many new feet? If you own a VPI you can pretty much count on spending money for new upgrades every year because they "really improve" the sound of his tables. I know you don't have to do the upgrades but who among us can resist the temptation to buy an upgrade that "Harry says makes an audible difference"?
The key is you don't have to buy every upgrade. Things are going to sound great even if you never buy another upgrade. Why is that so difficult for people to understand? And upgrade doesn't mean that the current product is bad, just that it may sound better with it.

I want Harry to come out with as many upgrades as he wants. I like to think I'm smart enough (well, at least most of the time) to decide if it's worth the dough or not.

Most of the time, I seem to be right.
I like VPI simply because it is user freindly. I purchased the latest hr-x platter and made it work with an old tnt plinth. It took a lot of machining on my part but IT WAS WORTH IT. I plan on modifiying it some more to bring out every nuance from the record. And by the way VPI is one of the best companies out there. It would not surprise me if they sold more tt than any other truely high-end tt company.
i too get annoyed with all of the vpi upgrades. even some people that sell them have expressed "ambivalence" about the merits of some of these "improvements". i have an original aries and i LIKE the platter; the arm (a mere "10") is elegant and functional. i purchased a plc box which worked great, but then yielded to the desire to get the newer sds, which only caused start-up problems with the original motor. the original motor, a massive block of stainless steel, has also been replaced with a "better" motor- which btw i did NOT get. in the end, nothing VPI has come out with makes a thin, tinny recording sound full and rich. now i would very much like a new TNT-6 which looks elegant and extremely refined. if i ever get an oversized platform to place it on, i just might upgrade. but i consider the original aries the inspiration for ALL of the scoutmasters, which i would guess have driven VPI's popularity for the last several years. so i feel i have one of the seminal products they've created.
the bearing and the platter can be improved upon, no doubt.
along with the motor, a flywheel, all mounted on top of 150lbs of granite, etc. it just sounds like alot of work to me, when what i have was shipped to me complete and ready to play. and just maybe, vinyl freaks are particularly handy people to begin with. i thought i was a clever fellow when i set up a thorens or two back in the 80's, but that's kid stuff nowadays.
I have to admit, I really don't understand those who criticize a manufacturer providing upgrades to existing equipment. The reverse of that particular coin is the company that simply churns out products and doesn't give a damn what happens after the fact. Now THERE'S something to complain about!

No one is forcing you to buy. And if you don't have the self-control to avoid going out and buying the latest and greatest...well, who's to blame there? If you want to know if a particular upgrade is worth it, try using this forum in the way that it was intended. Speaking of which...

Stringreen, I would be quite interested to know how you fare with the new lubricant.