NEW Unison Research 24/192 TUBE - CD Player

Has anyone heard the New Unison 24/192 Tube Cd player or done any comaprisons with any established brands.
How does it sound.


I've had the new Unico tube CD player for audition during 2-3 weeks now. Here are some impressions:
Sound: A bit on the warm side, detailed, good enough bass, good soundstage. I own an Arcam FMJ CD23T; comparing the Arcam and the Unico CD, the Unico sounds better in my system. The amp is the Unico hybrid. Overall, soundwise, the Unico amp + CD combination is very good, distinctly better than the Arcam FMJ + Unico amp combo.
Ergonomics: Bad. The CD tray is "industrial grade" which means that it's a plasticky thing of the same quality as the CD-R or CD-RW on your computer. Rattles ominously during operation. The remote is IR, not radio waves, like the Unico amp. The IR operation is insensitive; you have to point it directly at the bullseye of the CD, and even then the CD reacts very slowly. So operation is overall slow and requires patience.
Overall opinion: Bad ergonomics, but wonderful sound. I just love it, slow operation or not. I'm going to trade the Arcam FMJ for the Unico CD. The Unico just sounds better in my system (Unico amp, Dynaudio Contour 1.3 SE speakers). Audition of the Unico CD is warmly recommended; you may find the sound better than in most CD:s you have ever listened to, if you just can live with the slo-mo action.

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Hi there ,

I totally agree with the remarks of Lars about the ergonomics and the sound .
I own this CD-player since two months and don't regret it .
It replaces a Teac VRDS T1 transport and a Proceed DAC ( not a bad company at all ) .
The Unico outperforms this combination without any doubt .
It sounds very sweet and detailed , a bit warm and rather " analogue " .
With the standard tubes replaced for RFT goldpinned E82CC it
sounds still better too...
I would recommend it , but you must try it yourself , because combination is always very important .
I play it with a modified Unison Research Simply 845 and Zingali speakers , what makes a wonderful combination .

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I bought this cd player after comparison shopping against naim, musical fidelity, rega, yba audio refinement complete,
arcam fmj, cambridge audio and creek. the unico wins hands down! analogue sound, highly refined top end. This is a winner.
Thanx for your reviews,
has anyone compared to the more similar Consonance Ref2.2 and the AH! Njoe Tjoeb 4000 (upsampler)?

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