New Tweek - Has anyone ever tried this?

I have a pretty good system set up in my condo's living room. Like most condo's, the living room opens up into a kitchen/dining room area making it, essentially, one big room. While listening to music and glancing around the room I couldn't help but think that some of the stuff (besides my audio system) may have a negative effect on sound quality. I have a big box full of cables and accessories so I grabbed a bunch of cones (Polycrystal, Black Diamond, and DH Ceramic), and put them underneath things like my toaster oven, microwave, small pieces of furniture; basically anything that I could lift got cones. The end result is that it seems to have very noticeable and positive effect on sound quality. I was wondering if anyone had tried something like this and can confirm my results and possibly improve them. In the mean time, I came up with a couple of new ideas that might work, as well. I will report back any findings. Thanks in advance for any input.
I have a great deal on slightly used ShunMook discs and a niiiiiiiice Tice Clock for you!


But seriously, where is it that you think you hear the change?
Is it possible that you have covered a convergence area by raising things? Any major piece end at ear level?
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Did you try sitting on some?
Hilarious posts, OP and Sebrof :-)
To my regret, I can't try something like what you did because I have no extra cones. However, any change in the room will change the sound. Some people have extremely good hearing, but that's not me. I doubt that I would hear what you heard but who knows?
Cones under furniture in the room is an excellent idea. It's one of those things that once you hear it you can't go back.
I think cones on ones head is a dead give away at how one receives sound waves and how effective all those other cones would work under everything for someone. Just kidding. I put sand in triple sealed bags and lay them on my wooden shelves and components in non obstructive places. I also use cones under my components. Hey it makes me feel better alright.
I don't claim to have all the answers but I have seen many threads where people use the "Original Audiophile Sony Playstation 1". Compared to that, I think me post is out of the ordinary. (I don't take offense to any of the comments because I know everyone is just kidding.). With regards to the Tice clock comments, I think that is a great comparison. I'm not an expert on line conditioners, but if I remember correctly, everyone thought the Tice was a joke because it was not a traditional line conditioner that you plugged components into. Today, there are many line conditioning products that you don't have to plug the components into as long as it is on the same circuit.
No, Mr. Lebowski. That had not occurred to me. That had not occurred to us dude.
I invited a family of Cohens into my living room, but presence of the Cohens did nothing to improve the sound of my system.
I had similar results using Granite Audio Super Bass cd and using blu-tack to dampen the resonances in the rooms.