New turntable help

It's time for me to purchase a new turntable .
I've been looking at the Rega RP3, clearaudio concept and a vpi scout..
Don't really know which one to buy.. Any recommendations? I'm going to use a clearaudio maestro cartridge.

My set up:
Parasound Halo JC 2 pre
Halo A21 amp
Parasound Zphono. ( JC 3 soon)
Psb synchrony one towers.

I've been using a project debut carbon and I'm getting tired of it.
Not anywhere you can audition them? They are all well thought of tables with their own advantages and disadvantages. Having an idea of what is most important to you would help. As might an idea of what genres of music you most often listen to.
Those three turntables couldn't sound more different from one another, so it going to come down to your prefrences. They are all very nice, well thought out and heavily built. I sold my Scout and kept a Traveler so listen to this one also. I hope you can audition all of them, that will be important.
Do you have the Ebony V2 Maestro? That is one of the best sounding carts I ever heard. With that Boron cant and micro hd stylus (i think it's the same stylus as the $13k cartridge fron CA) That is a tremendous value catridge. Lucky man.
I found a local dealer that's a clearaudio and vpi dealer. So an audition is in order.

I listen to classical, rock, heavy metal, folk and some jazz and blues.

I don't own a maestro yet. But that's the cartridge i want to use with the new turntable.

Zenblaster.. Why did you use the traveler over the scout?

Any other turntables between 1- 2k price range? I wouldn't mind going over budget.
You really can't mess up with the scout. Its very well rounded and has many upgrade options. It should keep you happy for a very long time.
If you are hitting the $1-2k budget, you might want to try to hear a Well Tempered Simplex.
Hi, hope you dont mind if I add another wrinkle to the discussion. If you like the clearaudio cart consider the marantz tt-15s. It's basically the clearaudio emotion turntable rebranded and packaged with a virtuoso cart. Now, I realize that you're looking one model up on the cart, but I'd suggest that you read a few reviews that compare the two carts. You might find the differences minimal and cost of the marantz kit ($1500.00) compelling. After all, you can trade the cart in on the maestro if you hate the virtuoso, which I doubt you will.

Good luck
Also look at the Basis 1400 and the Sota Satelitte, or even a refurbished Sota Sapphire.
Zenblaster.. Why did you use the traveler over the scout?
It sounded more musical in my system. And it is a simple yet very well thought out design that is built like a tank. Listen to the both and you will see that there is a difference, the choice is subjective.
The beauty of the Maestro is the solid boron cantilever and Trygon P2 stylus, both from the $13,000 Clearaudio Insider. The Virtuoso connot keep up with this kind of engineering.
I have a similar set up as you. Parasound JC2/A21, PSB Synchrony's , Fosgate signature phono. I replaced a Rega P5 with a VPI classic one / Dynavector 20x2 and have been very pleased. It's a little over your budget but I don't think there would be a big dropoff between the Classic and the Scout. For me anyway the ability to fine tune the azimuth on the Classic made a huge difference over the Rega.
Dear Nebulous7: If you will have the Maestro cartridge then maybe the Clearaudio tonearm could be a better match for it.

Regards and enjoy the music,
Thanks for all the replies. I deeply considered all of them.

I am starting to lean towards the vpi classic.