New Turntable Direction

It's been a long time since I sought the opinions of the community.  I have been a happy Linnie for 20+ years stopping after upgrades with the Ekos, Cirkus, Lingo, and suspension.  I still have my Shelter 90X.  A recent upgrade inquiry resulted in approximately 6K investment in my table and this just doesn't seem to make sense considering it's age.  I have considered investing the 6K in a new table and staring all over.  I have initially looked at Oracle, VPI, and Basis in part because they have been around for as long as I have been doing this.  For what it is worth my phono stage is still a Rhea.  So what do you think new table or another Linn upgrade and if new table what brand?  As always I appreciate your feedback.
Well I have to agree with the 301/401 and even Lenco suggestions.
I have all three and a VPI, Artemis labs and Yamaha GT-2000...I know.

Theer is something really organic, natural and my ears immensely pleasing about the 301 and 401. I bought two in ok shape with need to replace several readily available components.
I am not a very handy person but was able to do a bunch of stuff myself, add a nice Ortofon arm and some vintage cartridges.

The VPI Prime with Ortofon Cadenza black and Auditorium SUT sounds incredible. But just different. I use Shindo entry level components and DeVore O/96 or Altec Flamenco mainly.

If I would need to give up several TTs I would keep the 301. BUT honestly I am biased towards vintage gear (have many vintage tube amps/systems) cars, etc...

I think the OP needs to find a way to listen and decide as there are so many wonderful modern options as well that it is hard to chose.
Like an entry level Kuzma or PEAR Audio can be really great.
As well as many noted above.
I would suggest to start with cartridge upgrade first. In vinyl playback cartridge is responsible for 70% of sound, phono preamp for 20% and only remaining 10% are dependent on table/arm combination. All this of case when we you are dealing with real high-end gear. Thus cartridge is the component where you can have most improvement or simply change in sound, if this is what you are after. What cartridge change does not produce further improvement, you can proceed with upgrade or replacement of phono preamp. Only when you still want to get  a notch higher - you should look at new table/arm combination. Of cause when you are selecting cartridge, make sure it is compatible with your arm (height, weight, suspension flexibility are all important in that).
Thanks all but I'm not sure which posts are response to me or the OP.
I have a Benz Micro Wood M2 with minimal play that was just serviced at VAS. So it is like brand new.
I like my Basis 2001 w/suspension. I've never read a bad thing about Basis. I THINK the motor is high torque.  And the motor sits off of the plinth. I know the bearings etc are very high tolerance and precision. But, it was recommended to me by Basis and dealers to get the Calibration Base along with the Vector 4. That is $8,000-$9,000 right there. With any substantial upgrade I do believe it is time to upgrade from my McCormack Micro Phono Drive as well. That is why I was considering the Vertere Mg-1/SG-1/PHONO-1 rig as all of that, even with a tonearm wiring upgrade to hand built is in the $9,000-$10,000 ballpark.... But, very different designs. MG-1 motor on the plinth and no suspension(I think).
@xagwell Your Linn has a great upgrade path..Karousel and Radikal along with either a Kore or a Keel. Karousel is the first in line, then Keel or Kore and lastly the power supply. Having said that, a top end Basis is where i would go next if going away from a Linn. Not a model like the 2001 or even the 2500, but 2800 Signature and up. Very pricey upgrade but one of the few tables that I have heard that can give slightly more SQ than a LP12 Klimax ( mainly due to the ability to have a Vector or Superarm 9 arm). The Linn LP12 is hobbled at this level by the Ekos SE arm and its weak phono cable.

"Thanks all but I’m not sure which posts are response to me or the OP."

You should start your own post with your question.

" ... it was recommended to me by Basis and dealers to get the Calibration Base along with the Vector 4."

Look for a used Vector tonearm. They show up from time to time.  It will make a huge difference. I was skeptical, but adding a Vector tonearm to my Basis 2001 allowed me to understand the importance of a good tonearm. Hifishark will make your search easier.