New Turntable Direction

It's been a long time since I sought the opinions of the community.  I have been a happy Linnie for 20+ years stopping after upgrades with the Ekos, Cirkus, Lingo, and suspension.  I still have my Shelter 90X.  A recent upgrade inquiry resulted in approximately 6K investment in my table and this just doesn't seem to make sense considering it's age.  I have considered investing the 6K in a new table and staring all over.  I have initially looked at Oracle, VPI, and Basis in part because they have been around for as long as I have been doing this.  For what it is worth my phono stage is still a Rhea.  So what do you think new table or another Linn upgrade and if new table what brand?  As always I appreciate your feedback.
A friend was a long term Linn fan and had got up to a Radikal but still with an Aro holding his Ortofon Cadenza Bronze. Next thing I knew he’s sold it all and was extolling his new Well Tempered Versalex, admittedly with a DV  DRT XV1t. The Versalex has stayed for several years now despite trying the Amadeus 254 GT. 

I had a Basis with a Rega tonearm. Replace it with a Basis Vector tonearm, and you will be amazed.

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07-31-2020 5:22pm
I’m in the exact same boat as the OP with my Basis 2001 w/ suspension/Rega RB900/McCormack Micro Phono Drive. Love my Basis but updates will be as much as new everything. I’m looking into Vertere. The MG-1 t.t. and SG-1 tonearm. PHONO- 1 phono stage as well...Vertere is very different than Basis as far as motor on the plinth and lack of suspension(I believe)....I have a 250 pound Sound Anchors rack so suspension may be less important a consideration.
I’ve read good things about Vertere...Have you or any posters here looked into or heard about them?

I,ve heard the Vertere MG 1, is very good, it,s really an upgraded Roksan Xerxes 20 (same designer) but with an upgraded motor and power supply and with an acrylic look, sort of a similar flavor to a Linn Lp12.  The SG1 tonearm is unipivot , if you are into that type of arm.
6k doesn't make sense.....unless you are going Keel Radical etc....Upgrading to Lingo 4 plus a Karoussel bearing will bring your turn table to another level,,,,can add the Kore sub for an extre 1k. Total for all this would be 3.5 k minus the sale of the Cirkus and the Lingo 800-1k....Let say a net cost of 3K.....would be hard to get a better turntable.....