New Turntable Direction

It's been a long time since I sought the opinions of the community.  I have been a happy Linnie for 20+ years stopping after upgrades with the Ekos, Cirkus, Lingo, and suspension.  I still have my Shelter 90X.  A recent upgrade inquiry resulted in approximately 6K investment in my table and this just doesn't seem to make sense considering it's age.  I have considered investing the 6K in a new table and staring all over.  I have initially looked at Oracle, VPI, and Basis in part because they have been around for as long as I have been doing this.  For what it is worth my phono stage is still a Rhea.  So what do you think new table or another Linn upgrade and if new table what brand?  As always I appreciate your feedback.
I'm very surprised by the retro leaning responses.  You must be veterans like me.  I am still curious about Oracle Delphi though.  I always thought it was beautifully designed and sounded great, and Basis well its a point of curiosity.   I always thought my next and last table would be an SME but I see the $ has sky rocketed so that won't happen.
The PolyTable Super12 with Sorane 12” arm is $3600. You can, of course, get it without the arm and step up to a Kuzma, SME, whatever. It’s a great deck. 
Origin Live Resolution and an Origin Live Conqueror as Miller carbon stated (I know of a Resolution that is available) would put at the performance level you desire.  Look at Fremer’s comments about the Resolution with the Illustrious (step down from the Conqueror) for a reference.