New tubes suggestions?

Hello tube gurus,

I have the Jolida 1000RC which come with Chinese made tubes would like to replace the tubes but since I am no expert in tube rolling I would like some suggestions. Thinking about changing the pre amp tubes and the regular EL 34 with KT77 however I dont know which brand to use that will yield the best performance and musicality. Also, I have the JD 100 Cd player as well. Lastly, any advise on cryo tubes?

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!
The jj kt77 really sounds great to me
JJs are great; also the Svetlana winged Cs.
I like the new russian mullard el34
This same question has been asked many times and from my memory of all the forums ,the most consistant winner in sound and durability for a new Production EL34 type is the Winged "C " EL34.....
A nice upgrade is the JJ 'blue bottles'
I just changed EL34 in my LAmayro int tube amp ( a swedish design) from JJ to winged C and the difference was stunning. The "c":s was so much better.
Yes, winged c's. As for the jolida 100a, my NOS favorites in order are:

Sylvania 5751 gold brand, gold pin: fantastic mids, balanced highs and lows.

GE triple mica black plates 5751.

Mullard cv4004.

But a great tube at a very reasonable price is the new
EI Elite Gold 12ax7. Excellent. As you know, tubes are system dependent. For a good run-down on 12ax7/5751s, google Joe's Tube Lore.

Good luck.