New tube preamp

Recently upgraded speakers (Audio Physic Virgo III's), so now I've got a little upgrade fever.

Current amplification is a PSE SL preamp and PSE Studio V stereo amp. Thinking it might be good to go with a tube and/or hybid preamp.

I think I've narrowed it down to a PSE HL 1 hybrid, or Audible Illusions Modulus 3 -- both are around +/- $800 (and there's a couple of 3A's out there for about $1200).

Any suggestions about these units and the amp/speaker combination.

Thanks for your help.
I really enjoy Sonic Frontiers hybrids.
The Audible Illusions 3A smokes anything else near it for anywhere under $3K. But don't waste your $$ on the AI Model 3 -it's a totally different pre, and is not worth $800. Get the 3A, you won't regret it!
For a lot less $$, the Eastern Electric MiniMax is a phenomenal performer as well.
Good luck!
Slaw, Have you heard the Modwright 9.0 SE hybrid? If so, how does it ocmpare with the Audible Illusions?
I have not, can't find one (or much of anything else) here in HiFi dry Arizona. What are your impressions? I've heard good things about the Modwright....
One other way cool think about the AI M3A is a wonderful phono stage is included!
Save your dimes for awhile and get a used DeHavilland Mercury2.
Slaw, have you heard any of the Suprateks? If so, how do you think they compare with the Audible Illusions 3A?
Take a look at the Transcendent Sound Grounded Grid tube preamp. I've been enjoying mine and think it's a great value. I don't have experience with the others mentioned, but this may at least give you something else to consider.
Fiddler, I have heard a Chenin (sp?) model, but not in my system - it was indeed wonderful, very musical, but I didn't hear the presentation of detail I get with the 3A.
Truthfully, after Quicksilver, AES, Bottlehead, ARC, and Musical Fidelity pre auditions, the only pre that has ever sounded significantly better than the 3A in my system was the Hovland 100, but I do not have that kinda long green at this point!