New Tube Amps from "BAT"

Has anybody heard any of the new tube amps ( VK75, VK150, and "SE" versions including the mono VK60se) from BAT? It has been a long time coming as BAT doesn't come out with a new product unless it really means something. Input from others would be appreciated. Thanks, Tom
I have the VK-60 Monoblocks which I had upgraded to "SE" status. The amps already sounded great, but the "SE" upgrade is super. Probably, no definately, the best amps I have ever heard! I am not aware of the VK 150s. However, sometimes getting higher wattage in the same product line, with same design basis, may not be preferable. If you can get a hold of some efficient speakers (over 90db) you will love the BAT! I have the VK 50SE Preamp which is also world class. Also, I have the VKD5SE CD player which is a very "anolog" sounding CD player. All hooked-up with Synergistic / Nordost, PS Audio etc, Avantgarde Duos... awesome! It has taken me quite some time and experimentation with other (highest rated) tube and solid state products costing much more. The BAT has the best off all worlds. Check it out! Frank
I heard the VK75 yesterday. Sounds good so far.