New tube amp: Cayin A-88t or TAD 1000 monoblocks?

Has anyone had the chance to listen to both of these highly regarded tube amps? I'm interested in using them to power my Fritz Carbon 7's (87 db). I also plan on purchasing a TAD 150 Signature Pre-Amp in the future, too. I mention this because the 6moons review of the Cayin A-88t said it sounds even better if used together with a good pre-amp.

I initially was considering Almarro as well but I need significant power to drive the 87db Carbon 7s. My budget is roughly $1500 on the used market.
I have the A-88t. I use it with the VAS/Cayin Citation I pre amp. The Citation is a knock off of the original HK unit but with updated everything. Look for a used Citation. I think you will be very pleased.
I used to have the TAD 1000 monoblocks and TAD 150 preamp running some Martin Logan Aerius i speakers. It sounded really good. I do miss that setup, now that I think about it.