New TT for ~$1500

My birthday is coming up and I will be asking for a *new* TT. Budget is up to $1500, but preferably closer to $1k. I would be comfortable pitching in another few hundred $$$ for a good cartridge if I get a table without one. Was thinking:
Rega P3, maybe P6 if I really stretch the budget (that'd be over my $1500 mark)

MoFi StudioDeck
Clearaudio Concept (I have a lead on a lightly used one with low hours, bundled with an Artist V2 cart, but might make gift giving awk)

Pro-Ject X2 w/ Sumiko Moonstone

Any thoughts?

You mentioned REGA, I just returned to analogue after a long break .I tested the water with a low budget  manual table and was quite surprised for what I GOT for a very modest sum.And then took the big jump (INCURABLE AUDIOPHILIA) one with these new double /triple plinths  and the final  one with a suspended chassis  ... and I am still wondering what  justifies the wide price difference  between all these choices. An quasi frameless table for 6,000 while a similar idea  almost no frame around a rigid cast bar  for less than 800.I would be interested to  throw some money out of the window  on the latter to really compare it with the expensive sister because these two are visibly done along the same design direction (MINIMAL FRAME- NO PLINTH). Even a very special bearing  would not seem enough .It is time we take real look at these reviewers claims who justify any  price.The best amp I ever heard, the best turntable ever made  until the next issue and so on. JUST be careful  we should  try to listen at different items in a system we familiar with music we love and familiar with before we follow the prophets, GOOD LUCK
Two directions here. Get an old Denon DD table. Spend ~$400. This will give you a taste of DD. And if you sell it later you won't lose hardly a dime. I recommend spending a bit more on the cartridge.  The Soundsmith Otello is a steal at $399. Some of the new ATs are very fine cartridges. 
The second path is the new Schiit Sol. It comes with a cartridge installed. I believe one choice is the ATVM95E. The first upgrade I would make would be to pop on a new Shibata or Microline stylus. Take like 30 seconds. This will let you compare them easily. You also have 15 days to try the Schiit with a small restocking fee if a no go. 
Let us know what route you take, and your thoughts.

Chakster, I noticed you never recommend "Grado";  that's my favorite cartridge, and I've tried many.

I believe a cartridge is like choosing a girl friend; this is the one for me, but not for everybody else.
As an owner of the recommended Marantz TT15, I would like to chime in.  It is a beautiful table and it does sound good.  I got it new a couple of years ago for $1000, which was a steal at the time.  That said, I am going to be replacing it with a direct drive.  Reasons:

- The belt drive. I hate changing the belt for speeds.  Especially on this table.  The belt is located near the bottom and can come off.
- The motor. It just sits in a hole in the plinth.  I get it, isolation.  However, when you turn it on, the motor moves.  It is just a poor design, IMHO.
- The cartridge.  As mentioned above, the overhang is significant and I know people with this table that have broken it off more than once.  I am SUPER careful and have not had any issues, fortunately.
- Also as mentioned above, it does have an additional ground wire and no dustcover.  I am not a fan of a giant acrylic box sitting over my tt(for another $200.)

I have a vintage Kenwood KD-500 that I am servicing.  It is a great looking table with a nice tonearm,  a dustcover and has a Grado gold on it. It is made of a composite that Kenwood designed that looks like marble and is quite heavy.  I am going to shoot it out with the Marantz when I am done and if I find it close, the Marantz will be sold.