New TT for ~$1500

My birthday is coming up and I will be asking for a *new* TT. Budget is up to $1500, but preferably closer to $1k. I would be comfortable pitching in another few hundred $$$ for a good cartridge if I get a table without one. Was thinking:
Rega P3, maybe P6 if I really stretch the budget (that'd be over my $1500 mark)

MoFi StudioDeck
Clearaudio Concept (I have a lead on a lightly used one with low hours, bundled with an Artist V2 cart, but might make gift giving awk)

Pro-Ject X2 w/ Sumiko Moonstone

Any thoughts?

I have a HW-19 mk iv. Sounds pretty good to me, i could upgrade the arm ( Jelco 250sa) but its east to repair if needed, sounds good and looks nice and it was cheap used
I understand you want "new" and you have certain aesthetic restrictions, too. Allowing for that, I also endorse a used VPI HW-19. I have a Mk 2 with a Mørch UP-4 tonearm and I’m pretty happy with that combination and the turntable can be easily upgraded. Parts are readily available, too. I paid $500 for the turntable and it was in superb condition (from a local Audiogoner!)
It’s your coins to spend but you didn’t get a huge amount of support with your Rega and Project suggestions.  I would listen to our Russian buddy as he is a pretty knowledgeable vinyl source.  The Technics tables that were suggested are wonderful tables....I have had the 1200G model and also several Rega Tables and there is no comparison between the 2 of  them.  The Technics tables are much better quality hands down.
Marantz TT15S1. Comes with a $1000 cartridge, a badass tonearm, and a table built by clearaudio. It’s the best deal in turntables. Yeah it’s a few years old but, you get a sweet setup and it’s good looking too. 
If I were spending $1,500 on a new table, Rega and Project wouldn’t even make the bottom of that list! WAY overpriced for what you don’t get! Technics wouldn’t make the bottom of that list, either! Japanese glam table.