New TT Design: The Linos Portable

Some of you may remember the Audio Technica AT-727 portable record player (I don't), an early '80s LP response to the Walkman. Dual made a similar product around the same time, the PRP 5.

Both of these are referred to as Sound Burgers, but I don't know who owned the trademark.

Anyway a 21st century realization of the Sound Burger has just come to light--the Linos Portable USB Turntable by Charlie Pyott Design in association with Yanko Design.

This is very new. Press announcements span June 9-July 21 this year, and I haven't seen any indicators of price or availability. Anybody heard anything?

There's enough demand for such a product that old Sound Burgers (AT or Dual) regularly sell for $150 and up on eBay.
Very neat idea, maybe not top of the line audiophile quality but for music on the go and where you want to be anytime or anywhere that has a flat surface very cool.
Sony made a portable unit, still very much in demand on e-Bay. Back to the future?