New Triangle Stratos range, any comments?

Has anyone heard the new stratos range from triangle speakers? How do they compare with the B&W Nautilus, Dynaudio Contour or the JM Lab Electra?
I could listen the Naia model of the stratos.
I would say : Impressive. All what yu expect from a loud speaker is there: detail, 3d , deep and controlled bass, dynamic. And this the entry model. I'm trying with a retailer to listen the Volante. As first impression I would say that considering the price they are very interesting.
The only negative aspect is that I found them not completely neutral. But this is just my personal opinion.
very sensitive anyway. I suggest a sweet amplifier behind.
One retailer in France whom I 'm in contact with, told me that he could sell 8 pairs of Volante in just one month as since he got the first pair to make listen in his shop

hope this will help you
I am distributor of Triangle in Peru, I have just received the first Stratos (NAIA and LUNA)
The new Stratos line has a different kind of sound than the previous Triangle model. High frecuencies are less bright and midrange has more body and harmonics than the older Universe line. The new tweeter seems to be an impressive design.

Against Universe and Space, you can hear a very detailed and sweet highs; bass has more extension and overall is a more relaxed sound.

If Celius and Titus asked for tubes, I don't think the same for these ones, NAIA and LUNA are more neutral.

Finished is a lot better, very nice biwired connectors!

Overall you will be impressed with these speakers.

Jorge, thanks for your comments!

I am a fan of the older Triangle line, and am looking forward to hearing the new models. My main complaints with the old line were the high frequency harshness, and the tendency of the speakers to produce very hashy sound unless the right electronics were paired with them. But, in the right setup, the sound could be exceptional. And, I love the fact that they are so easy to drive.

I didn't have a problem with the lower frequency response, but I know some people who do. It will be interesting to hear the differences in the bass. I do hope that they didn't go overboard in trying to push more bass out, but I feel the product is in the right hands as deVergnette(sorry if I mispelled it) has a philosophy of sacrificing bass to the aid of the rest of the music. He is a very wise man, and a heck of a loudspeaker designer, I'm confident he'll make the right move. Plus, I have a feeling the way he is going about it is the right way, number of drivers, along the lines of the Bottlehead Straight 8...

Moving to a more relaxed, full bodied sound will be interesting to hear. If the legendary speed of Triangle is kept in all of its measure, this may be a very, very intoxicating combination!
I am with you!

I also love Triangle sound but you have to be very wise to get a good match to avoid high frequency harshness. I also like the bass response, is enough for my taste.

Yes, Mr. Renaud de Vergnette has move to the right side.

I think the new speakers don't have more bass than the older one, they remain in the same philosophy of speed and let the medium range free from bass ripple.

I found bass has better definition and better integration with midrange. They were aware of the tendency of the speakers to produce hashy sound so they were working in this direction. You hear a more relaxed treble but always a very clean and fast midrange.

I didn't have enough time to break in the speakers so I don't know how good they will be after one hundred hours. The more that I could break in was forty hours. Then they were sold!!

I tried with Musical Fidelity A3.2 integrated, A3.2 CD player and A3.24 DAC, all cables were the new Audioquest DBS technology, Cheetah and Pikes Peak (very, impresive!). This electronics was not a good match for the Space line, the tendency is to the lean side and bright treble. But with LUNA STRATOS the sound was amazing!

Then I connected my C&J MV-50 power amp and Adcom GFP-765 preamp with the same MF front end. The sound was sweeter and full body. Better for vocals and acoustic instruments.

The speakers were easy to drive for this 45 watts amp (93db/m sensitivity and 8 ohms nominal)

(I got this C&J MV-50 in Audiogon to drive my own Titus)

In February I must receive a new order including VOLANTE, if you keep interest I can inform you how do they sound.

Have a good listening!
I recently heard the Naia's and Celius's side by side through a couple different tube amps. Rouge, Unico. The Naia's sounded better all around and look more refined and finished. What you'd expect from a $3,000 speaker. Make no mistake the Celius's sounded sweet, as their grill covers sagged like an old pair of wornout nylons. Does the sound and aesthetic really justify a $1,000 difference? After 2 years I'd probably say yes.