New Transrotor TRA9 tonearm coming soon

I ordered the new Transrotor TRA9 tonearm. I hope it will be here in the next 30 days. I am mounting it on my Transrotor Apollon TMD turntable. I currently have two SME V arms. Also, I am very close to ordering the Air Tight Opus 1 soon.
I have a Hyperion mounted on arm and a swap between a Benz Ruby Z, Benz LPS, and Soundsmith Sussaro MKIi on the other arm when the mood suits me.

Can’t wait to post impressions,

Transrotor TRA9 tonearm



Finally, the Transrotor TRA9 tonearm is here. I will install later this weekend, but, I have a hard decision to make. I need to decide which cartridge to use with this new tonearm first. either the new Air Tight Opus 1 or the Soundsmith Hyperion. I have the Opus 1 dialed in and just enjoy listening to music. It is mesmerizing every time I listen resulting in a few hours marathon listening session and me telling my wife to leave the food in the microwave for supper. When compared to the Opus 1, the Hyperion seems a little less refined in clarity and details, but it is no slouch....just does not compare to the sheer overall dynamism and detail retrieval of the Opus 1. Both are mounted on SME V arms and I use the same Analysis Plus Siler Apex XLR into the Aesthetix Eclipse.  

Decisions, decisions...hmmm. Link to updated pics of the tonearm.


Now there is an arm that will gain much attention, a lot of thought has gone into the aesthetic and it really stands out in the crowd.