New Transport? / Streamer? / CD Player?

Looking for help, I want to improve my CD playback and my bottleneck is my CD transport. I'm using a Cambridge Audio CXC transport with an Audio Mirror Tubadour III SE. I love how my AM DAC frames the music so a new transport seems to be the logical path. I have 500+ CDs and primarily listen to LPs now. I would like up the quality of my CD playback thinking this will be my long term path as I get older, yikes!

I seem to have 3 options:

1. Buy a quality transport, these products look interesting:

Pro-ject CD Box RS2 T (needs LPS to sound best?)
Jays Audio CDT2-Mk3 (can't turn off upsampling?)
Audio Note CDT Zero or One

2. Buy a streamer that can either store my ripped CDs or can read them from an external HD?

3. Sell my DAC and buy a one box CD player?

#1 seems to be the most logical but that's mainly because I have limited experience with #2. I have used various laptops but found that my CA CXC outperforms it considerably when playing CDs. I know you can modify computers to do a better but it seemed to be much more complicated and expensive path just to play a CD. I see there are some streamers that are like dedicated and modified computers, some have internal storage others with USB ports so you have attach a hard drive. Are any of these work considering? Keeping in mind my primary objective is to improve my CD playback vs convenience of working from an app. Is a streamer a more complicated device, needing more engineering to deal with noise or vibration issues? Some are very expensive but aren't they just dedicated audio computers.
Are there other transports that I should consider?

Another option is sell off my DAC and buy a one box CD player. Relative the cost of adding transport my budget would be about $5K. Are there any one box CD player options that I should consider? I went for the AM DAC because of how the DAC frames the music, it's an R2R DAC and the music is very fluid and musical. I'm sold on this direction for CD playback the musical experience is similar to vinyl.

Any help appreciated! Auditioning any of the above is impossible where I live.
you are the first Pro-Ject CD BOX RS2 owner I have come across who has not clearly heard an improvement with a linear power supply in place of the stock wall wart SMPS. That’s an interesting take. I have read and been told that indeed the sound is terrific with the SMPS but "clearly" improves with a LPS. further evidence that people just hear differently. The always present subjective element.

Agree, quality of transport and digital cable absolutely matter. For some odd reason, there is the tendency (By some listeners) to treat these two vital factors as after thoughts. As though only the DAC matters, not true by a country mile!
CD transports versus digital servers/streamers has been debated endlessly. At the end of the day both sides have their faithful advocates because either can provide much satisfaction if done right. This rivals box speaker versus panel speaker or tube versus transistors. Never to be a consensus winner.
Sparkler Audio has a new CD player the S515 that has digital input and can be used as a dac. You will need to purchase a separate digital inter phase for a usb input if you want to go that route.

I'm very pleased with my single box S503, very natural and open sound.
Can be purchased here- 

  I get the feeling from reading your post that you would be more comfortable staying with CDs and not going the streamer mode.  A few observations:
1) Regarding SQ, there is no inherent reason why streaming vs CD replay should vary in quality.  They both extract digital streams and feed them to a DAC.  If the equipment is good enough your CDs should sound the same whether they are spinning on a transport or residing on a computer drive.  There are a lot of threads here that debate this, but most people are comparing a $300 CD player vs a 5 K streamer, or vice versa.  Streaming is the hot technology now so there are more streamer choices out there than CD players.
2) CD replay tends to be easier.  Nothing beats pop in disc and hit play.  Of course, you need to physically do this, but since vinyl is your preferred playback media, apparently a little physical effort does not flummox you.  Streamers basically are computers and therefore subject to the same networking issues.  Did you ever have a printer that has always worked suddenly go off line for reasons that are no fault of your own?  Read these threads and you will find dozens of complaints about an update from the streamer company, or Apple/Google/Microsoft, suddenly rendering their collections inaccessible.
3)Otoh, once those CDs have been ripped to a streamer, and assuming that you don’t have the issues mentioned above, then the convenience issues are different.  It can be great (well, maybe not for your health) to sit on the sofa and use a tablet to pick your music.
You may enjoy it so much that you will add a streamer service and use it to play the music that you have on lp and not vinyl.

So here is what I am doing.  I bought the Melco N100 server/streamer.  It has a 2 TB HD.  I also bought their CD Ripper/CD
transport, the E 100, which wii both rip CDs or function as a transport for CD replay.  The E100 needs to be attached to the N100
in order to work, but it’s built like a tank, makes great rips, and sounds better than my Oppo 105 as a CD transport into the same DAC.  Total the cost around $3K.  The Melco has worked for me with less IT issues than other streamers that have passed through my system from Bluesound,Bryston,SHM, and Arcam.  Melco is also compatible with Tidal and Qobuz (and Roon) but not other services, at least at this time, AFAIK
If you like the sound of your dac, you might try to max out it’s attributes with footers, cables, etc. I found using a Symposium Svelte Shelf and Cardas woodblocks under my dac brought out significantly more of its positive qualities. Same with the CXC, but I used a corian shelf with 4 Vibrapods underneath the shelf, as the CXC has a weird bottom configuration. But if you’re trying to get it to sound as good as your analog, IMO you’re chasing the dragon. And I’m far from a digital hater.
Of course another route is to upgrade the transport and/or dac, but there’s no way to tell unless you listen. You might try one of the better dacs in the 5k range like the Bricasti or Rockna if they offer a home trial. But if you're not saying "holy crap, this is good!" within a couple of days after turning it on, I'd probably send it back. At double the price you should be hearing a huge improvement or it's not worth it.