New transport in EMM CDSA?

I just got an advertisement from a dealer saying
that the EMM CDSA CD player has
a new transport (and that CDSA owners can upgrade for $1500). It says the new transport is quieter and has a new tray. I assume this is true. I wonder if the CDSD-SE will
also be updated. (The ad did not mention any improvement
in sound quality.)
This info was from the Galen Carol Winter 2008 newsletter:
[the CDSA] has been updated with a new German-sourced drive mechanism featuring stabilizing rods for the sled assembly and an all metal tray. These changes make for a more stable and quieter drive, and loading is smoother and faster as well. Cool custom machined isolation feet have been added that both improve performance and improve visual appeal. [A $1500 upgrade is offered.]
They seem to have spent some time and effort on the isolation feet. Any reason to believe that 3-rd party isolation cones,etc could improve upon them? One would think the EMM footers are perfectly "tuned" to the player. I have mine on top of a maple block, supported by Herbie's Footers.