new Transatlantic cd "The Whirlwind"

anyone who is a fan of classic rock especially prog groups like Yes , Pink Floyd or are fans of concepy albums like The Wall need to check this cd out. essentially one song in 12 parts comprising almost 78 minutes of exhilarating music. needs to be listened to a few times to appreciate the quality of the musicianship and arrangements. For those not familiar Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater) drums, Roine Stolt (Flower Kings) guitar , Pete Trewavas (Marillion) bass and Neil Morse (ex- Spocks Beard) keyboards. Essential listening if interested in that genre.
Yes, a truly great album! Elements of new and old prog, excellent musicianship, great and very thoughtful (and spiritual) lyrics....a near masterpiece.
The special edition version also contains a bonus CD with a few extra songs that didn't make the main album (which are all very good!) but the real treat here are the cover songs - a great version of "Return of the Giant Hogweed" by Gabriel era Genesis, and a fabulous and very powerful version of "A Salty Dog", one of the best Procol Harum songs ever. A brief pause for the throwaway "I Need You" covers - America (yuck) and Beatles, then finish up with Santana's "Soul Sacrifice". Amazing drum solo by Mikey P!
Recording is pretty darn good for a prog rock album, a little congestion but overall good sound.
Get this one!
(Note: a third version is available with a bonus DVD of "the making of Whirlwind".)
I don't get it- it's a progressive concept album with cover versions of old sawhorses from the seventies? Most people won't consider that progressive or a concept.
Um, the covers are on a bonus disc. "The Whirlwind" is the main album.
actually cover songs are interesting and show their influences . based on previous cds and dvds they are heavily influenced by the Beatles. Soul sacrifice is the standout on the bonus disc though.
of course the main album continues to amaze on each listen and would go as far as to say its one of the best and uplifting rock/prog albums i have heard this year. Check it out.
Alright, it makes sense now. It sounds interesting, I'm going to check it out. Thanks
Okay, this gets a little strange for me. I did my obsessive prog rock thing through the '70s (example: a dozen + Genesis shows), but slowly moved away over the years. These days, I just never think to go there. My taste in rock has moved to simpler song structures and I listen to jazz for more involved compositions - the split is app 50/50. My rock preferences generally require serious guitar playing and, if possible, lean toward the Beatlesque(Todd Rundgren, Lindsey Buckingham). My jazz taste nods toward pre-bop classics.

Now, it turns out that the guy who built my guitar is a huge fan of Transatlantic - particularly a record called "Bridge Across Dreams". I'm inclined to check them out. So:

What is the general consensus here on this band's best work?
If I were trying to get a feel for them, where shoul I start?
Is "Bridge" the best way to dip a toe in?

Thanks in advance,

its called bridge across forever and yes i would say it is the best way to intrduce yourself to their music.