New Toys, Projects, and "Finishing Up"

I just received a new Maxi Matcher 2 valve/tube tester. Really cool easy to use. Anyone else use one of these products?
I did use a 533, and 539 Hickok.

I'm almost finished with my Mid Bass Columns, (finally). I have a slight change, I'm integrating the swarm idea into the
columns. I'll post pics.

I've started the final fitting and box construction for the Elixir modifications. Two tweeter additions, one in the front one in the rear enclosure and a mid driver relocation.  The front # 4 mid neo panel from the top, to the new, rear enclosure.
Pics to follow.

I had a 3-4 month delay from the original pic post.  A lot of things can happen.. Thank God for modern medicine. :-)

Chime in, the speaker projects and mods are all DIY, but pretty well proven by MY past application, and infernal tinkering.

Mods that make an existing enclosure "BETTER", got one, share one.

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