New Totl Headphone amp

New kid on the block

I am intrigued by this Linear Tube Audio Z10e Integrated Electrostatic/Magnetic Headphone/Speaker Amplifier  since I have Stax 009s.

I have also recently had the pleasure of auditioning a pair of new Abyss AB-1266 isodynamic phones powered by Headamp’s GSX Mark II amplifier in balanced mode. These very expensive headphones sound great, but they lack the detail, cleanliness and effortless extension afforded by the Z10e when paired with the Stax SR-009s!

quoted from above audiophilestyle review.

On a good night, I can stay locked on for, at best, 180 seconds. With the SR-009S 'phones and Z10e amp, I listened to four complete tracks without once remembering where I was or what I was doing. Complete enthrallment. While listening to Melnikov, my ears and mind's eyes were in the microphones located about 30" from Alexander's piano strings. Everything I heard seemed extremely nuanced.

With the LTA amp, the new "S-type" Stax 009 created a tear-inducing, lightning-fast sound that kept me engrossed for record lengths of time. Best of all, this newfound bass response came with genuine boogie-factor. Even the subtlest musical rhythms had a distinct, engaging pulse.

Nice expression by Herb!
shkong78, sorry, but I can't recall your name anymore, but it's nice to hear that you are enjoying yourself so much. At one time, I was planning on a visit to your home, but things came up that squelched that plan.

It seems you are doing well, so stay well, and happy. Regards,
Hi Dan

It is nice to hear from you again.

By the way, I may need your advice on good tech person in tube amplifier nearby.