New TosLink Cable from AudioQuest?

Has anyone tried one of the new Audioquest Toslink cables (with the mini stereo plug)with a computer and DAC? Currently I am using a $15 (generic cable from Amazon)from my Macbook Pro to my DacMagic III.

The new Audioquest Toslink cables now have a mini stereo plug so that it can go directly into the Macbook. Of course, Audioquest has four tiers of cables starting at $25 and priced all the way up to $489... Have you personally tried or compared any of these different models for sound quality?
Forget the pricey plastic fiber ones such as the OptiLink-1. Had one, replaced it with a Supernova 6 the next week. The OptiLink-5 holds promise with only 65 glass fibers, but I have personally not heard it in action.
I would go LiFaTeC SILFLEX if anything under the OptiLink-5.