New Toshiba DVD player?

Anyone hear about a new Toshiba DVD player with progressive scan and DVD Audio for about $499. model 5700? It is suppose to be the new model just below their 9200.
and $499 is WAY too much. Check . They list several retailers that sell it for under $250. Nice unit with progessive scan, DVD-A and HDCD. Thers are some "consumer reviews" listed at See the reviews at this URL: .

Good luck,

I own the 5700, paid 189.99 for it and for the money its fine though it sounds terrible when a-b tested againsnt my Cal Audio DVD 2500 which is the best dvd -cd player i have heard or seen{picture] yet to date.But the Cal player cost 5 times as much and when it first was released cost 10 times as much.The cal is reference quality and unlike what everyone is saying, Cal is still in business and there is alot of people just about giving away there Cal equipment on this site.