New tonearm: wish to upgrade from DV 505

Dear Audiogoners,
I would like to get your advice for the best actual upgrade from an old DV 505 (mounted on a PX 100 M direct drice). Within the last 20 years, many alternatives evolved. I appreciate any of your valuable proposals. Da Vinci? Schroeder SQ? FR? Any suggestions are welcome.
Best regards r walter
Price range? (It appears that you are willing to go high.) Cartridge preference will then be a determining factor. IMO, there is no such thing as THE best tonearm; it is all about synergy between table/tonearm/cartridge.
What is it about your system that you don't like ? The Dyna is still a great arm, so my feeling is that the limiting factor is the TT and perhaps the cartridge, not the arm. What type of music do you play ? You may want to look at the Avid TT's which I heard in Vegas some years ago. Myself I use a heavily modified Goldring GL75 after owning two Linn LP12's.
I couldn't be happier.
the cartridge is a Kiseki Agaat (retipped). The complete setup plays nicely. The question is whether a change of the arm could reveal even more information out of the vinyl.
Regards r_walter
The King of Arms: FR-66s
Dear r_walter: IMHO ( till today, as Lemw point out. ) there are no best/king tonearms what we can find ( over time and testing several tonearms. ) is a a cartridge best tonearm matching.

Now, looking to your system and the Kiseki set-up on the DV-505 ( btw, very good DD unit that Onkyo, good. ) there are at least three things that you can try and that could/can change the quality performance of that rig:

first is to run the 505 in static balanced way setting the VTF through the counterweight instead the VTF dial, this makes that the tonearm counterweight goes nearer the pivot given ( between other things ) an improve in tracking, a little change in effective mass that affect the performance, and in this way you take out a possible point of resonance ( the VTF dinamically spring devices. ).

second, you can change the headshell and test the Kiseki with two or three other different weight and build material headshells till you find the one that makes the difference in quality performance you are looking for, the cartridge/headshell combination makes a huge difference in the sound perceived quality performance.

and third you can change not only the headshell wires but the tonearm internal wiring.

four, you can do/make these three suggestions.

Of course that you can make tests with different load impedance values, VTA/SRA changes and ( if the headshell permit ) Azymuth ones.

As you can see there are land to cover other than change the tonearm that always is an alternative.

Regards and enjoy the music,
R Walter, Let me echo Raul. I just took a look at your system page. Wow! You've got some wonderful stuff. How do you like the Onkyo vs the Clearaudio Max Solution? I've sort of had my eye out for a px100M, but have never seen one for sale. In fact, yours is the first I've seen in private hands. Anyway, you are playing at a high level to begin with. You might try some of the tricks that Raul suggested before selling the DV505.
many thanks to all of you for the valuable input.
@ Raul: your knowledgeable suggestions are especially useful, I will go for the points you mentioned.
@ Lewn: comparing the PX 100 M to the Clearaudio Maximum Solution with magnetic bearing, the PX seems to have an inbuild stability in sound production which is fantastic at least in my ears. The Max Sol needs the outer limit stabilizer ring to come pretty close.
Regards walter
I love your analog set-up. I would love to hear the Onkyo PX-100M. I agree with Raul and Lew about trying a number of things before selling the DV-505...
The advice above is good. Try those and the end result maybe totally satistying. If it isn't and you still need want a new arm that is an upgrade, buy a Graham Phantom MK II. In my 35+ years in this hobby not one other Audio product has universally received such high praise from hobbiest and reviewers around the world. Any others that came close (o.e.g. Quad 57) have had limitations. The Graham Phantom MK II can be the last arm you'll ever need to buy.
Keep the arm. It's still a great arm by todays standards. I am sure it is not the bottleneck in your system. Try more adjusting and different exotic wooden headshells. It will bring out the most in the arm.
Sorry, great as the Phantom II may turn out to be, it has only been around for a few months, whereas the Quad 57 has been with us for 50 years. The Phantom has a long way to go to play in that league.
You so right and I did purposely overstate it.I do remember the Quad 57 getting universal praise immediately, I'm that old, and look just how well owners and others are still praising these Quad 57's. While I'm jumping the gun on the Graham Phamton MKII, its just my way of stating just how good I think this arm is, IMHO. You can waste a lot of time trying to find a better arm.

Quad 57 is one of the all time greats, a legend, period.
Hi There,

you have a lovely system and the Onkyo PX-100M is a gem! It may interest you to know that Frank Schroeder has an Onkyo PX-100M - he described it to me as the quietest turntable he had heard (or not! lol) may be worth dropping him a line, as he has first hand experience of your amazing 'table and I am sure that he would advise impartially...

May I ask how you came to own the Onkyo...are you the original owner?

Very Best Wishes,

Thanks, Paul. I already contacted Frank Schröder for an appointment to compare the alternatives.
By the way, are you the lucky one who owns 2 (t w o) of the PX 100 M DDs? Which tonearms and cartridges do you use?
Regards walter
Hi There,

I am indeed the owner of two PX-100Ms, but my journey has not been an entirely smooth one! Both of my 'tables are with Vantage Audio in the UK...the first PX-100M I bought, back in 2004, had speed stability issues - I then managed to obtain a second, working example, which is currently being used to find out what is wrong with the first PX-100M!

I know that Frank Schroder has observed that connecting a certain earthing arrangement causes problems for his PX-100M, which is otherwise working perfectly. I am, interestingly, thinking of using my Dynavector DV-505 on my PX-100M, with an Ortofon Winfield cartridge...that said, I might just wait to see how you get on, in the light of your possible changes! (lol)

I would be interested to hear of your experiences with your Onkyo PX-100M...have you observed any 'strange behaviour', or is it a faultless gem every time! lol

Best Wishes,

While we are on the subject of the DV505, I have several questions regarding its many adjustable elements (set-screws and their function), most of which are not even mentioned in the Owner's Manual, at least not in the English translation. Do any of you know of a source of a DV505 expert, preferably in the Northeast US?
Hi Paul, coming back to your question concerning drive stability, I had a similar experience like the one Frank had told you. It happened (only) once when touching the grounding (earthing) of the tonearm cable that the speed jumped from 33rpm to 45rpm. An immediate reset using the speed control panel was possible. So far (knock on wood), I observed no other adverse reactions/side effects. The PX 100 really is the gem you mentioned.
Regards walter
That is a gorgeous turntable, certainly worthy of the best tonearm that may be found.

Is there room on the PX-100M plinth for a 12" tonearm?

If so, then for lower mass, there is the SME 312 and Brinkmann 12.1, for higher mass; Orofon (new or vintage,) the SME 3012, Schick (improved ortofon style.) Norma Hylee (like vintage Neumann) the EMT 997 (being made again,) or the Ikeda/FR. The Mørch 'arm is interesting, as different wands have different masses and effective lengths.

Good luck in your search, let the AudioGon community know what you find.