New Tonearm for Sota: Origin encounter or graham

I have a sota sapphire and with a origin live silver tonearm. I need to upgrade the tonearm, in part, because my current tonearm has a low-quality cable, and I cannot switch in a new cable. I was going to go to a graham 2.2. However, I have heard that a uni pivot design would not work well with what Sota and its hanging suspension. I know there are many wise a-ger's out there who can shed light on my dark and bewildering situation.

Thank you in advance.
It should work just fine with an SOTA. There is nothing that will mitigate against the combo.

I believe when the turntables were designed the SME IV and V were used as the design center for the turntable, so you might want to have a look at those as well.
SME IV is still a wonderful tonearm with the SOTA and the V will be just as good or better.
It absolutely will work just fine. Had a Magnepan Unitrac I on mine until it finally couldn't be resuscitated anymore. Replaced it with a Graham Phantom Supreme. An awesome combo.

Depending on the age of your table, you might want to install new suspension parts. They are readily available from Sota, won't break the bank and will make a big difference.

Good luck & happy listening!