New To Vinyl... Seeking Recomendations

good day,

i am brand new to vinyl, having just received my first turntable - Original Oracle Delphi, Papier Triplanar tonearm, Talisman Virtuoso cartridge.

I've done a considerable amount of reading on how best to care for records and think i have a handle on that, and now was hoping to get a few recommendations on recordings that REALLY show off the virtues of viyl.

After some browsing around the 'best of' threads here, there seems to be some often recommended albums, such as:

Louis Armstromg St. James Infirmary, Classic Records, 45 rpm
Jazz At The Pawnshop (i have this cd and LOVE it, so am looking forward to hearing it on vinyl)
Allison Krauss and Union Station Live (again, another of my favorite CDs)

Any other suggestions would be appreciated... the goal is to queue up a few great records and be able to demonstrate to my wife why all this extra gear is now finding a home in our living room!

many thanks,
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If you enjoy classic jazz of the 1950s and early 1960s, be sure to look at the 45 rpm Blue Note reissues by Music Matters and by Analogue Productions. Also look at the Fantasy Jazz 45 rpm reissues from Analogue Productions.

I'm among many people with a high regard for the Eva Cassidy "Songbird" LP that is now out of print but still available from some of the online mail order sources.
Shelby Lynn-Just a Little Lovin'

Mark Knopfler-Shangri La

Warren Zevon-Warren Zevon

Joni Mitchell-Blue
My advice would be to just pick your favorite music, and enjoy that. You'll know what you appreciate more than we ever could.

Acoustic music seems to sound really good on vinyl, (but then again, acoustic music in general tends to sound great on high end systems, no matter the format).
But then again, if your system is set-up to sound best for Rock music, then our suggesting Jazz, Classicial or the always popular Polka music, may not sound as good on your system, as the music that you know and already love.)

My two cents worth anyway.

Enjoy the new turntable, and remember:

Cleanliness is next to godliness, because clean vinyl and a clean stylus makes for heavenly sounding music!
All the new Chet Baker pressings I have gotten have been great, as are all of the Miles Davis (sounds like you like jazz).

Also, I have found the many new pressings get very noisey quickly, whereas older records in good condition, are quieter. I am beginning to believe those pundits on A'gon who say unless it's a Japanese pressing, the newer ones are simply inferior. It's fun to hunt used vinyl too.

For Rock, I have loved the Led Zep Mothership set, Kings Of Leon "Only By the Night", Black Sabbath "Paranoid", The Cars, The Police "Zenota Mondota"

For mellower fare I have enjoyed the new Steely Dan albums, and I concur with MoFiMaddness about Shelby Lynne "Just a Little Lovin", in fact I'm going to open myself up to ridicule, slings and arrows and say I think it's better than "Dusty in Memphis"
New pressings. These all sound great.

The Four Seasons #1 & #2 by The Roma Trio (Jazz) on Venus Records 33.333rpm

Bolero Nights by Brian Lynch Afro Cuban Jazz Orchestra on Venus 33.333rpm

Midnight Blue By Kenny Burrell on Blue note Reissues 45rpm

Things Are Getting Better by Cannonball Adderley with Milt Jackson on Riverside(Analogue Productions)45rpm

The Poll Winners: Barney Kessell with Shelly Mann and Ray Brown on Stereo Records (Analogue Productions)45rpm
Not to insult you, Scott, but how well can you set up your new rig? If you can't maximize the performance of your analog front end it won't matter much what you put on it. Software is important but having the tools, skills, and know-how make even to most mundane LP in a collection sound much better. This includes an effective cleaning process for LPs and the stylus.

If you haven't already bought it, I would suggest passing on the Union Station. It is not that good of a recording, IMO.
agree with kurt...just buy the music you love
You have asked for recommendations for "show off records" without regard for types of music. Without knowing your taste, I agree with most of what has been posted with a few modifications and additions. You might want to find a good local used record shop where you can find original pressings at reasonable prices. I am not convinced that reissued 33 rpm records costing $30 plus are always as good sounding as some of the original pressings. Example: Dire Straits Brothers in Arms. I have a $6.00 commercial pressing which I have compared directly to the pricey reissue and the vintage copy is better in all respects. Many, not all, 45 rpm reissues are superior to 33 rpm pressings regardless of vintage. Lastly, if you do not own a record cleaning machine, you should buy one. You need to clean new records in order to eliminate the mold release used to get it off the stamper. You need to clean old records for obvious reasons of dirt and grime in the grooves. Happy listening.
thanks for all the suggestions... and yes, i most certainly should have commented on my preferences. i listen to everything (jazz, classical, opera, world, rock, folk... pretty much nothing is out of bounds), however, right now i am listening to mostly to vocalists. The albums that have gotten the most play time recently have been:

Norah Jones, Come Away With Me
Dianna Krall, Live in Paris
Frank Sinatra, Live at the Sands
Eva Cassidy, Live At Blues Alley

i failed to mention this in my original post, as i thought some of the best vinyl demo cuts would be highly regarded not for their style, but for their recording quality. i suppose it stands to reason that one would enjoy a good cut of preferred music to a great cut in a genre that displeases them.

anyhow, thanks for all the inputs, you've given me a nice list to start with.

oh, and Dan_ed, no offense taken... thanks for the tip on cleaning.

SongBird by Eva Cassidy. It does not get any beteer then that.
On newsstands now is the 2010 High-End Audio Buyers' Guide special issue of "The Absolute Sound." Starting on page 52 is a good list of outstanding recordings of all genres (CD and LP). Might want to check it out.
Buconero117, Pick up any of Eva's music, even the 1 or 2 she did with Chuck Brown. Some wonderful Ballads on those records. CD's too of course.

If you are a CD fan you have to listen to the Beatles Remasters. Especially the CD with "Come Together" on it. Very Natural indeed. I was very impressed with it's sonic qualities.
Recommendations always help but you'll find some of the most fun you'll have is finding these "reference" recordings on your own. Used vintage vinyl(well cleaned) is an inexpensive way to discover music you may never have tried. Without it, I wouldn't have a clue about how good bands like Ozark Mountain Daredevils can sound.(ESP. Men From Earth, but any of theirs really). Anything by Ry Cooder. Ever hear of BW Stenenson? Me neither, but a $4 copy of his album, My Maria is one of the better sounding records I' ve found recently. Many of your favorites won't be anything you would have expected or got on recommendation. Enjoy the hunt.
Well, this has to be the first time I've seen "Abbey Road" referred to as "The CD with 'Come Together' on it."

Just some good-natured ribbing, Ponnie. Hope you don't mind. But... he WAS looking for vinyl recommendations.

That band that had John Lennon in it didn't produce "audiophile spectaculars", even on vinyl. The music, of course, is another story.

A couple of LP's that really impressed me lately...

"Body and Soul" by Joe Jackson
"Strong Persuader" by Robert Cray

Get a copy of Sun Ra's "The Magic City". It makes jazz at the pawnshop sound like, well, a bunch of old Scandinavian farts playing terrible pseudo-jazz.
Thanks Chashmal.... I couldn't have said it better.