New to the Record Cleaner Wars: Music Hall WCS-2

OK, I bought this thing and I love it. The metal construction, relatively small size, violent vacuum force, silent surfaces that baby my Lyra Delos cartridge, I like it all. But I did not do a side-by-side with any of the other contenders (principally the VPI 16.5). Has anyone done such a comparison? How did it turn out? I can see the extra $100 in value over the VPI, just in its appearance, but how about its performance?
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That looks like the old Kuzma VinVac that was maybe retooled. I know that the VinVac was being closed out for around $400 or so. I have never owned one of either, but I'm sure they work well. I'll stick with my VPI.
"OK, I bought this thing and I love it."

Stop right there. You won the war. look just like the one by Opera/Consonance Audio....

Heck, yes, it does look just like the Opera/Consonance. And it costs $100 less. Watching the video, the motor on the Opera sounds equally violent.

Music Hall says "this thing really sucks!" And so it does. If you've done an A/B or something like that, feel free to post.
I waited four months until Quest for Sound received their first shipment. I've had it for a few months, very happy with the performance. Two factors I considered before ordering it were the water resistant aluminum/plastic casework and its high WAF. My listening room is our living room. Even though the WCS-2 sits out of the way on a low slate radiator cover its shape and dark color minimizes its visual impact. If 'she who must be obeyed' doesn't really notice it my life is just a little bit better! Ear protection is a must, it's a monster.
Are the Music Hall WCS-2 and Consonance Vinyl Record Cleaning Machine just a re-branded Hanss Acoustics rc-20? The RC-20 has been on the market for years.
The Music Hall is just a rebranded Haans RC20. In fact thats all that Music Hall seems capable of doing, taking others parts and products and calling them their own. Although I just cant stand Music Hall and everything they stand for, which isnt much, I will say I have owned the Haans RC20 and thought it was a very good machine. Powerful vacuum and platter motor. Always did a fine job and quickly, depending on your cleaning rituals? So if you are gonna give your money to Music Hall you cant go wrong with this unit.
I agree!! I moved off a Nitty Gritty 1.5fi and this thing is 10x's better IMO! It also looks good to boot. Any idea where to get replacement felt pads for the tube??
Anyone ever thought the claim that a vac can damage the grooves has any credence? George Merill says so in his GEM Dandy lit.