New to the 2 channel where to start??

I'm new to making a nice 2 channel system. Acouple of my friends said I should maybe start off with a fisher 400 since I dont want to spend too much right now. So what other componets(turntable, speakers, amps, ect.)...I dont want to spend too much but just throw some stuff out there.

thanks a ton from a new guy

Get some speakers that you like the sound of first, in your case I would go out and listen to some speakers that are easy to drive as this will save you money when your ready for an amp. Build your system around the speakers.
I used to agree with the "build your system around your speakers" philosophy until I hear $300.00 speakers driven with $3,500.00 worth of tube amps.

I guess the first question would be "what is your budget?"
No one wants to spend too much, but everybody's definition is different. Actually, there are 3 questions to start with:
1) How much do you want to spend?
2) How much do you want the system to do (CDs, SACDs, DVD-As, LPs, radio, etc.)?
3) What's the room like (dimensions, absorptive vs. reflective surfaces, flexibility)?

Give us a ballpark budget, and priorities as far as Q. #2 above, and we can be more help.
If you want to go with tubes, just make sure that you get efficient speakers. Get at least 92db speakers. Make sure that you don't get impossible to find tubes like 7591's. Have fun.
I agree with the above post recommending that you start with the speakers first, but only as it relates to room size. The speakers will dictate the amp you will need to optimize them. This will give you an idea about what it is going to cost for the set-up. Check the forum for threads about the cost breakdown per component. Having said that, I would not spend less than 50% on the speakers.
thanks for the answers everyone. I guess I should go out and listen to abunch of different speakers and get a comparision. I was looking at the Martin Logans awhile ago but didnt get a chance to listen too much to them. I was also looking at the bose 901 speakers but have never had a chance to listen to them.

right now I have dmc speakers that I got from CC like 5yrs ago and a sony amp for %75 off at frys. this has all lasted the last 5 yrs so I figure its time to treat myself to some real sound.

my budget is most likely around 3-4k. I want to make 2 systems. one for radio/cd/lp stereo. and one for home theater. the 3-4k is only for the stereo system, i will do the theater later on. the room the stereos going in is like 10x10 with a closet on one side and is on the second floor of my town house. so i'm sure its not the best of places. I'm sure i'll be buying a house in the next year or 2 so it will change. I listen to alot of everything and I mean everything but mostly classic rock, oldies, and techno....

Also one big thing I wouldnt mind having is a vintage system. I love the look. thanks a ton