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Hi, I'm new to the site and I'm looking for recommendations on a turntable. The system I've got now is an Adcom-555, a Superphon preamp and Martin Logan SL3's. I'm using a pioneer 115 turntable with a sure cartridge. Right now I'm looking to upgrade my source systems. I'm been looking at Rega'S, Linn's, and the Roxanne radius five. It seems that Riga seems to be the standard with your RB-250 tone arm being the best in the in the midrange price. I do not know much about Riga motors. I'm really taken by the looks of the Roxanne radius five but I know nothing of their motors or the Nima tone arm. Is it comparable to the RB-250? What about the motor? I'm looking to spend around $1000 for turntable so any recommendations would be appreciated thank you
Get a Rega P3 and don't look back.
Should be in your budget. After cartridge is installed, it will be plug and play.
North Country Audio has new Rega TT's w/ glass platers at a very reasonable price. (They are located in the Cadance Building in NY, I believe.) Very respectable company. Bill
I agree. Buy a Rega P3. You will NEVER regret it. They are simply wonderful devices. Plus, there are a plethera of upgrades to the Rega tables and they are in high demand for resale.
I listened to a P1 at a local dealer recently but did not listen to a 2 or 3.Wich tonearm does a P3 come with?I have read that a rb-250 is better than a 300.Also, what cartridge would you match with this?I listen mostly to classic rock(Jethro Tull,ELP,Led Zepplin)and blues(Jonny Lang and Kenny Wayne Shepherd).I would also still like some info on the Roksan Radius(I think it's just a baeutiful looking table)