New to SACD--so what do I buy?

Hi folks. Well, I finally went and bought my first SACD player (a used SCD-C222ES). While I anxiously await its arrival, I need to ponder just what SACDs I should buy. I mostly enjoy rock and heavy metal, but I'm not completely afraid of something different as long as it keeps me moving or thinking. Having said that, if you had to pick 4 rock and one "something else" SACDs, what would you recommend? I want stuff that's a marked improvement over the CD release. Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" probably goes without saying, so skip that for now (although I really wish "Wish You Were Here" was available as I've always thought it was way better than DSOTM!). Here are some possibilities based on my early exploration of available titles. This may give you a better idea of what to recommend:

Blue Oyster Cult: Agents of Fortune
Deep Purple: Machine Head
Peter Gabriel: Up (I've never even heard this on CD!)
Aimee Mann: Lost In Space (never heard this either)
Aimee Mann: Bachelor No. 2
Steely Dan: Gaucho
Flim & The BB's: Tricycle (but can it get better than it already is?)

So, what say you?

Roxy Music-Avalon
Peter Gabriel-Shaking the tree (or any PG for that matter)
Los Lobos-This Time
just to name a few
If you like contemporary blues check out Keb Mo' The Door

Here is some great music that benefited sonically with SACD...

Four rock titles would be:
1. Rolling Stones "Let It Bleed"
2. Bob Dylan "Blood on the Tracks"
3. Blood, Sweat, & Tears
4. The Thorns

Four something elses to try:
1. Mark O'Connor "In Full Swing" (jazz)
2. Mozart "Night Music" Andrew Manze & the English Concert (classical)
3. Muddy Waters "Folk Singer" (blues)
4. Alison Krauss & Union Station "Live" (country/bluegrass)

Supposedly "In the Court of the Crimson King"by King Crimson will be available soon (who knows?). That would be something to try.

Happy Listening! RIch
How about Elton John's " Good Bye Yellow Brick Road" and for something 'different' I'd highly recomend Dr Chesky's Magnificent, Fabulous Absurd Insane 5.1 Surround Sampler. It's got some really cool stuff, for both 2 channel and surround that is all recorded very well. I love the 20 Hz heartbeat, even though my speakers drop off a bit by then......

I haven't gotten Machine Head yet, so let us know how that one is, but I can also recomend the Deep Purple Live @ BBC, the recording quality is amazing for that era, and it's when the band was at their best.....
Although not the advice you were looking for, if you are into Rock and Heavy Metal you might want to invest in a vinyl front end. There are many more options for heavy metal (including new releases by current artists) on vinyl. If you live near a metropolitan area, you will likely have a local shop specializing in heavy metal, punk, etc. Since you want stuff that's a marked improvement over CD (sound quality?) vinyl can be just that. Just a suggestion.

Also I know Manowar had a SACD release. Korn may have a SACD release. I think Godsmack's new acoustic CD is out on SACD hybrid in the current Acoustic Sounds catalog. Still wondering if Trent Reznor will release anthing on SACD or DVD-A. He does vinyl releases. :-P

Also for something different try Opeth on redbook CD or vinyl. But you may already be familiar with them. They're ProgMetal, sort of like progressive "black metal" (yeah that genre does exist). I mention them since you listed Pink Floyd. It isn't your father's prog rock, that's for sure.

I don't care for any of the specific titles that you recommended so I can't help you there. I could recommend some classical music on SACD, but I'm nor sure if you swing that way at all. I think Teresa (on AA) had a pretty thorough list of classical music on SACD with great sonics.

Good suggestions so far. Roxy M Avalon, and Dylan Blood on the Tracks are among my faves in terms of sound quality.
One that was a little better than I expected was Bowie/Ziggy Stardust. One that was worse than I expected was Springsteen Live in NYC......Oh forgot one ....Tommy / The Who sounds real good.
I think that the master tapes of "Machine Head" and "Agents of Fortune" don't have the best fidelity for revealing the potential of the SACD format.
Thanks for all the suggestions so far and keep 'em coming. I justed wanted to update that I went to the local Circuit Sh***y today and purchased my first SACD. I didn't even pick one from my own list! I bought Roger Waters In The Flesh. I have this on DVD and it sounds very good in that format, so I think it's a good place to start for me. Plus there's a wide range of Floyd material on there that I like.

I won't be buying Machine Head until it comes down in price. $30 is just too much for it. I will buy Agents of Fortune though. There's a good review of it over at the MusicTap website.

Nektar-Journey to the Centre of the Eye, if you like Pink Floyd.Its a Trip in 5.1!Also Deep Purple Live BBC is basically Machine Head Live minus 1 cut.Both sold here on Audiogon.Also Steely Dan,Gaucho is a must have in surround.Allman Brothers,Fillmore East and Eat a Peach coming in July.JD
Aaron -- I'll probably never go back to vinyl. I sold all my LPs a long time ago and just don't want to go there again. It's not that I don't like the sound, it's just all the extra care and attention they need.

I couldn't find Manowar or Korn at Acoustic Sounds (don't really get into Korn, but Manowar could be a possibility). I may check out the Godsmack (although I'm not into them a whole lot either). What I'd really like to see is some Metallica on SACD. But I fear they're going to end up on the other format. I do have a check Toshiba DVD/DVD audio player in the bedroom, so it may eventually have to be called into service. Or I may eventually just buy a better multi player and use the SCD-C222ES for CDs and 2 channel SACD listening.

I do like some classical, but just don't have the cash to buy a ton of stuff just to find what I might like. I'd be interested in your recommendations though.

I'll try to check out Opeth. Never heard of them before.

Machine Head is is great in DVD-Audio.
Eagles- Hotel California
America- Home Coming
Fleetwood Mac- Rumours
Aerosmith -Toys in the Attic
Yes I have Machine Head on DVDA and it sounds great {in multi channel}. Sure you get a little of that old pre dolby tape hiss, but it really rocks. Friends are amazed when I play it. Ive been curious about the SACD because Ive seen mixed reactions over it.

A few weeks back I purchased an SACD purely on a whim , Buddy Rich , recorded in 1977 on a label called Audio Fidelity. {Dual layerd Hybrid} Just got around to playing it. I was not expecting much but it is awesome. Big band of course , but very Jazzy as well. A diamond in the rough !
In terms of sound quality nothing will probably beat Roxy Music's Avalon. Its just incredible sounding SACD. I still cannot believe that when it was recorded the engineer had the farsightedness to do it in multi-channel even though it did not really exist in those days.

This is the only SACD disk that does not give an impression of instruments forced to play on each channel. They sound as if they were meant to be played that way. I have a few now but slowly building my collection of SACD's, just orderd three today, hoping I am not disappointed with the sound after what Avalon turned out to be.

I believe anyone buying the first SACD should start from Avalon to know its potential, until something better comes along, Avalon as of today (IMHO) is number one.