new to phono.. Can I hook one up to my preamp?

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I am new to the analog world of records and I have a quick question. I am currently running a Krell KAV-250p preamp that does not have a designated "phono input" on the back. It is equipped with RCA jacks and XLR inputs. If I buy a nice turn table can I use this preamp with it? Does the preamp have to have a designated phono input?

Madison, you will need a phono preamp that will connect between your turntable and the line level input of your preamp. The function of the phono preamp is to amplify the small voltage of the phono cartridge to line level and to provide the equalization to reverse the EQ used when manufacturing the record, to produce flat response. If you need more help, feel free to contact me directly.
Hey Marty,

Is there an easy way to add a stand alone phono preamp to my system or does it just make more since to get a new preamp with a phono section. ( I am not even sure if they make units like this that stand alone.)


You can add a phono pre amp to your existing pre amp. You'll be hooking in to another source selection that isn't being used like tape, aux, CD, ect. You can buy a really good phono pre like a Lehmann Black Cube and keep your existing pre amp. You could go the other route and get a pre amp with a built in phono stage but you'll spend more money and poosibly not end up with something as good as the Black Cube. I run a cube through my existing pre amp that already has a phono stage. But the Black Cube is superior to my built in unit. Another thing that's important is the proper loading of the pre amp to the cartridge. If I can help ....... just ask!
Dear Madison: I think that you can get from Krell the phono card for your preamp. Ask them directly I'm sure they can help you about.

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It is very easy, but I think that the answer to your question depends on what you want to achieve, what turntable and cartridge you are using, how much of your listening time will be spent on LP replay and how much money you wish to allocate to the purchase. There are many, many good phono preamps on the market, just like line level preamps they come in dizzying array of price ranges, from the $30.00 Radio Shack unit to the $30000.00 Boulder unit with a whole lot in between. Just as in choosing a line level preamp, you will have to do a bit of research. Though if you can answer the questions posed above, I am sure that there are many on this forum that can render appropriate guidance. One thing to factor in is that you will also require one more set of interconnects.
Thanks so much, all your replies have been very helpful. I will have to look a bit more closely at my situation. According to Krell I will have to either choose a different preamp or add an external phono.

Thanks again

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Used to sell the 250P and don't think a card is availible.Let us know your budget and will tell,yopu what's out there.Lehman for $600 is a good schoice,$450 will get nice Jolida and you can have fun tube rolling (replacing stock tubes with NOS -New OLd Stock,tubes made in 50's or 60's never used).Tube rolling can make big difference on sound.If you have a Krell amp could this tube option (any tube phono) could be perfect.Krell is acurrate almost to the point of being clinical and metallic.Tubes could make the records sound just grerat introducing a warmth that is just right.A very popular tube model is the EAR 834 for $1K to $1500 list (fepending on feature,looks and volume conol or not)They get snapped up used on Aidogon within hours of being posted so poular are they,Real "High End" phono from comanis like EAR or Aesthetiox Rhea (a a real hony of a unit) can run $$k and above.Seems like you can find a lot of products for $1500 or less but there is a real hole in themarket till $4K.Lastly what do you want ti to do?IOf you think you might upgrade your table to a multi arm unit or one like my VPI that will accept quick ar (and therfore attached cartidges) you might want one that can handle both MM and lower voltage output Movong Coils.I was goiung to get an EARB myself (I have oine of their 40 watt Integrated amps) but am sold on the new $1K PS Audio since you can easily reach in back to large knobs to change load and capitance for different cartridges and has mono an phase contol button on front panel.It's not to get a tube unit brcaus I love the tube sound but I have that in spades with my amp.But for you if you have all solid state go for tube model and simply hook it up betwen your table and a set of your RCA uin.Call Bes Nivera at Muisc Direct amd telkl em chazz saent you.He'll have units both tube and solid state from $125 on up.
Dear Timrhu: Tks for your kindness. You have to try the analog world.!!!!!!

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