New to Mit Cables

I always used to think that cables with boxes on them were just another gimmick but recently I thought I would give  Mit a try since they seem to have a large following. I purchased a pair of S1 shotguns to try on the mid/high towers of my Irs Betas and a pair of S3 Shotguns for the bass towers. I must say it was a very pleasant surprise. Excellent overall performance. Will Try some of their other cables in time. All my interconnects are Wireworld Silver Eclipse 7s so no need to change those.

Not sure what sense it makes to use MIT's for speaker cables and a completely different brand/type of cable for the IC's? I would try MIT's for interconnects too to get full synergy. Although, I will say that I have listened to a lot of cables and If your system seems to be a little laid back. or even a little on the darker side, then don't use MIT's. I would get some Morrow Audio, or Nordost, or Audioquest or Kimber. For my system, it was when I took the MIT's away, I went from beautiful music playing from boxes, too LIVE instruments in my listening room!


Matt M


are you going to use WW or MIT power cords?