New to I tunes

I have a Mac Mini set up as a music server and have loaded about 400 CD'S to a external hard drive in AIFF . My question is how do I keep all the library organized in alphabetic order by artist first or last name ? I have the box checked to keep library organized and the box checked about copy new albums to I tunes music folder when adding to library but I end up with for example Tori Amos all over not together some are together I have a bunch of her albums . My Grateful Dead is scattered all over not together some of the albums are together but not all ? I would think that under view - view options is where I do it but what do I check and uncheck to put all the albums by the same artist together ? Also will this organize Front row when I look at the album covers ? Thanks Marc
The View Options dialog box lets you decide which columns will be displayed in the main iTunes music library window. When you're looking at that window you'll see the items you have checked in View Options as a row of labels across the top, things like 'artist,' 'name' and 'album.'

If you click on any of those labels the whole library will be sorted by that category. If you click on 'artist', for instance, you'll get an alphabetical list of all your songs sorted by artist. If you click on that label again it will do a reverse alphabetical sort. If you don't like the order the labels are in, just drag them into different positions.
This is a good starting point. Lots of beginner's nitty gritty. I found it helpful when I began my iTunes' quest.