New to High Definition media.

I recently purchased Haier 42" plazma monitor which is considered to be NOS in terms on todays TV market.
It has DVI input for the digital signal and I'd like to utilize it. As far as I know, DVI socket is only for the video signal and not for the audio like HDMI. In the monitor there's a jack for the audio looks like headphone jack. How do I utilize HDMI from cable box to TV for HDTV channels?
Another question arises what kind of DVD player I should acquire in order to view high resolution playback? I tried to utilize component video output from conventional DVD player and certainly was disappointed with performance... Yes I know how to toggle between the DVD player outputs between composite and component but still I must be missing something. Please recommend models and features a-must to have for high resolution viewing.
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Does your monitor support HDCP on the DVI input? If not, you will not be able to utilize any HDMI sources. If it does, you need an adapter to convert HDMI to DVI. Use separate audio outputs (analog or digital coax depending on what your monitor can accept and if it has speakers) from each source.

You are correct in that DVI cables only carry video information, whereas HDMI transmits digital video and audio signals. You can think of DVI as a "subset" of HDMI.

Get a cable (however long you need) with an HDMI connection on one end and a DVI on the other. Check out for one place to get such a cable at a reasonable price.

Just like Kal mentioned, you will need another way to get the audio (most likely through a Dolby Digital signal via a Toslink or coax cable).

Getting a DVI female to male HDMI coupler may be cheaper than a special DVI to HDMI cable. I use this method on my Sony TV with no issue. Then as Surf mentioned just get coax or Toslink cable for audio, or even RCA if stereo is all you need.
As for the DVD player, do you need to select Progressive Scan (480p VIA cOMP cables because if you do then the signal may default to standard 480I signal and not look great.
For a new player you cant go wrong with any Oppo unit and they are under $200 for most models, these players have tested better than about any picture out there regardless of price.........just make sure the model states it will "upconvert".
Before investing in more stuff, check whether you have HDCP on this display.

Thanks for responses folks,
How do check for HDCP? All the manual sais that I can connect digital box to DVI-DTV input for viewing digital programs.

As to DVD one disk would work perfect and another would show shaking picture and distorted view with absolutely the same DVD parameters why???
I am a believer in getting a cord with HDMI on one end and HDMI at the other. Adaptors often don't work as well.
Marakanetz: Usually, it will say something about HDCP in the user's manual if it is included. If not, most copy-protected sources will not display. It will not account for your poor display with some DVDs as HDCP is all-or-none.

Unclejeff: I agree that would be better but the OP has a display with only DVI input and sources with HDMI output. He has no other choice.

Adaptors for this signal are not as much of an issue as with other signals........its gonna work or not so dont spend alot of cash becuase it wont matter. The only issue with my adaptor was the length it adds and I wrapped the connection with Electrical tape as its own weight looked like it may come loose in time.
What you don't want is the weight of the DVI adaptor at the HDMI outlet. The HDMI output on your unit was not designed for the stress.
Unclejeff: There are solutions. I have an HDMI-DVI adapter which has an 8" cable between the two connectors so that the weight on the HDMI connector is no more than with any other HDMI cable.

Nothing really says about HDCP in my manuals but copy protected sources play great and display in my monitor with great quality (only became best after a couple of weeks of watching)
I've got LG LDA-511 upconverting DVD player for $50 and it plays with excellent quality any DVD and upconverts it for high-definition viewing.