New to forum and Vinyl

Good Morning,

  I have just recently been turned back on to vinyl.  We rented a home for a long weekend via AIRBNB and the host was gracious enough to allow acces to his lp collection.  I hadn't heard vinyl in many years and was taken by the feel and sound but also the interaction with the media itself.  Had plenty back in the 70's but fell away as 8 track, cassette, cd, and digital made music more accessible and portable.  

So,   I had a Marantz 1060 amp and a pair of really nice BIC Venturi Formula 4 speakers in my barn,  hooked it up to a professionally serviced and adjusted Technics SL-BD10 with a shure cartridge/needle I picked up for 100 bucks.   I went to the local swap-meet and picked up 50 albums, Stones, Beatles, Led Zep, Bowie, Who, stuff like that for 1-2-3 bucks each.  So far I'm into it for about 250 and it sounds really good.  

Where would you start to upgrade.  Turntable, speakers, add-ons?   I really like what I hear so far but I'm so new to this I am sure I may be missing something.  

Thanks,  Scott
@paraneer Great post! 
@slbradley , read that advice slowly and carefully, so many excellent points raised. Cheers,
I said "put the turntable & its pre-preamp in a different room as close to the main system as possible (so you won't need long wire runs)" as to provide as much acoustic isolation as possible for these sensitive components.

BTW, it is getting a bit late to get back into vinyl as all the kids are picking up on it, driving prices up
If you still want a vintage TT in the 200-300 dollar range, I suggest a Sansui SR636. Beautiful piano black plinth and great performing TT. 
I agree with the previous poster.  Save your money and get a $500 Pro-Ject or Rega.  They are good value.   Get it set up correctly and you won't have to mess with it.  Spend your time listening instead of tinkering.
Thank you all for the advice. I found a Rega P2 for 200. Listing says excellent condition. I’m going to check it out today.

Any love for Martin Logan speakers? I heard a pair a liked them.