New to EQ

I have a problematic room for room treatment correction. It is big 30X40, used by family, so speakers have to go close to rear wall, lots of windows etc. I now hear about digital EQ. Do I have this right that such a system uses a microphone at the listening postion to assess the room problems, then digitally corrects at the preamp level? Do you have to leave the microphone up, or is that a one time deal? From the threads I hear that there are cheap (300) versions Beringers or something. On these do you use your own ears rather than the microphone and computer? Help. What should I be asking?
The Behronger is not bad,but would be best used for subs/woofers only.The way to go is the Z-Systems or Tact,and use your ears first.
The Behringer DEQ2496 at a cost of about $350, including the mic and its cable, will dramaticly improve most systems. (Actually it is the room that is improved, not the system). Don't take my word, or anyone elses word for whether the DEQ2496 is good or bad. It is so inexpensive that you can buy one and decide for yourself. You can't say that about Z-Systems, Tact, or PARC. The mic is used only when you perform the room equalization process, which is automatic. Watching this process on the spectrum analyer is worth the price of admission.
Thanks Eldarford. Sounds like it is worth a try. Do you see any loss of music qualities such as nuance, detail, soundstage etc? Where do you put the device within the audio chain. I go from CD player via digital signal to DAC to pre amp to amp.
Actually Gammajo nuance, detail and soundstage can be improved!

You want to go from the digital out of your preamp to the digital in of the Behringer then the digital out of the Behringer to the digital in of your dac. This way all the processing is kept in the digital domain so the rest is left upto your dac.

For the money it's a wonderful piece indeed. I hope you have already implemented room treatment if possible. With windows heavy drapes are best.

My system consists of a Primare Pre 30 preamp, Innersound ESL power amp, Sony transport, DEQ 2496 to a Bel Canto Dac 1.1. This is in a dedicated room that is live end, dead end with bass traps. I hear no loss of quality whatsoever. Not only that even with all the room treatment the Behringer has made it possible to dial in my system so well I doubt I could have it sound any better period. Best of luck to you. Some guy has one for 200 bucks right now under equalizers.
I use a McIntosh C42 and a Radio Shack digital SPL meter and my corrected response is surprisingly flat. The best part is that the C42's eq center frequencies are EXACTLY where all my room modes are. My room response is much better now than it was with Roomtunes and DIY bass traps.
Warnerwh...If you can get the Behringer into the signal path before D/A that is, at least in theory, the best way to go. However, if you play a SACD or DVDA there is no digital output from the player, and you need to use the analog inputs and outputs of the Behringer. That's what I do, and the A/D and D/A converters ain't bad at all.