New to digital mod

I have not gotten much help on other boards, so maybe someone here can help.

As part of a "package deal" at a local Pawnshop, I recently picked up a mid-80's Kyocera cd player that wasn't reading cds. If you don't know Kyocera, they are a big Japanese electronics company, and they were among the first makers of audiophile cd players. Through bad decisions, not bad products, they never went anywhere in the audio market. This cd player is quite sweet. Rosewood veneer side panels, champagne brushed metal front, heavy as a tank, with the smoothest drawer action I've ever seen. To my questions:

For the sake of the looks and drawer action, I'd really love to have this unit repaired. As it turns out, it WILL read some cds...oddly enough, only ones manufactured in the late 80's. It will not recognize any of my newer cds. So, I am wondering...1)does it sound like this current problem is correctable? what might it be? 2) if it isn't, how would those of you experienced with cd player modifications, go about having this unit brought up to 2002 specs? 3)Where would I go? What questions do I ask?


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I could only guess the laser is out of alignment.
I remember the old Kyo units i.e. Cybernet. When CD's first came out, these and the Nak and ReVox were about the only listenable ones with the Kyo being the cheapest of the three. While I'm sure that the Kyocera is of good build quality, i have to wonder about the viability of its' filtering, aging of capacitors, etc... a whole LOT has been learned about digital in the 15 or so years that these units were introduced.

With that in mind, i would think about doing a "rebuild" on this unit strictly as a "project" or "labor of love". I don't know or think that it could compete with units of modern design. Sean
I guess the biggest question is, does it have digital out. If so, and if repair cost is reasonable (probably not), then you could hook it up with a modern DAC and give it a go.