New to computer audio and simple question....

I just purchased a Bel Canto 300i Int amp with built in 24/96 USB Dac. I am using this as a second system driving some smaller floor standing speakers. I have an Apple iMac computer in another room (about 30 feet away on the same floor)loaded with itune songs. I want to somehow have my iMac computer loaded with itune songs feed my Bel Canto USB dac wireless. I know I need to purchase some kind of unit that will make this possible. What do I need?

I don't want to spend anymore than $300-$400 new or used. Like to spend less really, but want good sound. I know this may seem like a dumb question, but this is my first attempt into computer based audio. My wife would also like to play Pandora and other such digital stations...
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I'm with you there in being new to computer audio. As this is a secondary system another option you might consider is the Xantech BT6 bluetooth audio dock. Lists for around $130.00, got mine at Costco's for about half that. This would connect to a analog input in to your integrated amp. This assumes your computer is bluetooth capable. Can also be used with ipod touch and ipad as well. I have one for each of my three systems. Really cool and sound not too shabby.
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I have been very happy with Logitech Squeezeboxes. Assuming your DAC has S/PDIF inputs (either coax or Toslink), it should work well for you. And they have both wired and wireless connections, so you can upgrade later to wired ethernet.

I feed my Denon receiver iTunes through my Apple TV, it wirelessly connects to the library on my laptop. You have to turn on Home Sharing, be logged into the Apple store, and have Bonjour running in the background (I'm a PC), so its a bit of a pain. Also I am recently having network issues, songs stopping right in the middle because the Apple TV loses contact with the laptop. Haven't hammered out all the bugs yet, but its great when it works! You might also consider an Airport Express...
My Bel Canto only has a usb connection to the dac. Not sure if this means the squeezebox will work?
Nope, Squeezebox has only coax and optical outs.
Is an adaptor or box available to allow me to my USB dac with the Squeezebox?
i have used: apple airport express, apple tv with disk, and apple tv without a disk. you can't go wrong with the apple airport express for music only. pick 1 up from crqaigslist for $50, just make sure it is 'N' capable which is the latest 802.11 standard. if you want video, get the apple tv. you can pick up an older apple tv with a 40GB disk for $50 or so. this will allow you to stream videos, pictures, and music from your imac. they also come with a little white apple remote. the newer apple tv allows you to stream netflix plus all of the above. i also hacked my older apple tv's and got boxee, hulu, and 50 other stations from 'g' to 'x' rated. the only problem was that the video quality was terrible at the time, maybe the newer hacks are better. i eventually reinstalled the standard apple tv software.
the added benefits are that you can control the apple products seamlessly using an iphone/ipad/itouch.
to hook this up, the airport express uses the mini-toslink adapter to toslink cable (you can buy a adapter for a stock toslink cable from fry's for $3). with the apple tv's, you don't need the adapter.
No, but there is a software hacking/tweak that might work in your situation:
Check it out,
Good luck,

This hack/tweak works wonderfully.
Actually I am getting clicks and pops and my dac does not seem to like this mod.