New to Audiogon and have a question

Hi everyone. I have A Yamaha M60 that I bought in the 80s that I am reintroducing into my system to drive the stereo front speakers of my B&K 307AVR system. When I initially moved into a HT system, back in 2000, I bought the B&K along with a Sonus Faber surround ensemble comprised of 2 Concertos (front), 2 Concertinas (rear), and a Piccolo (center).
My previous speakers were vintage Polk SDA-1s, which I have since hooked back up to the new B&K (I intended to sell them and wanted to be sure they still worked). To my surprise, the polk's soundstage was amazing compared to the Sonus. At the time I purchased the Sonus I must have been smitten by the novelty of 5 channel sound because I can't believe I put these polks in the closet for 6 years.
But I digress, In the process of attaching the bananas to the M60, I broke off 2 of the 6 plastic speaker imputs. My questions are: 1. Can I have some rugged new binding posts put on the M60? 2. Is there a shop near my area (02724) that can bring the amp back up to spec and put the new posts on?
This amp in class A mode has a much better tone than the B&K alone. It's my understanding that the B&K has a class A pre in it. It seems to sing very nicely with the Yamaha.
I appreciate any comments or feedback. Having lurked here for a time, I've found you folks to be both extremely knowledgable and good hearted.
Thanks, John
Are you fairly handy with things like this? If so, you can buy binding posts from Parts Connexion and handle this fairly easily. Just a thought.

Good luck, and welcome to the Audiogon!
Welshdra7 -
Interesting. I bought a Yamaha R1000 back in the 80s. Had it a long time driving Polk SDAIIs that I bought used (also back in the 80s). I shipped the Yamaha out for "refurbishment" intending to sell it after buying an integrated tube amp (JoLida 502B). If I can find the receipt I will let you know where I sent it. I just replaced the Polks with Totem Forests - BUT for what I paid and the years of enjoyment - the Polks are a real bargain and to my mind provide commendable performance. Will be selling them too in the near future.
+1 on Parts Connexion. The site can be a bit hard to navigate. Look for the tabs along the bottom of the pages. Parts Express might have what you need as well. If you can't do the work yourself, a local shop might be your best bet.

Be careful, you might find out old tube gear and records sound better than you expected too ;)
If new binding posts are all that is required and you have some skill then do it yourself. It's a cinch. If the amp needs more work, you need to decide if it's worth the cost. It won't be all that cheap.
Thank you for the suggestions and comments.