New to analog: Benz micro Gold vs. Ace

I am buying my first turntable: Nottingham Horizon with RB250 arm. I am considering the Benz Micro Gold at $350 vs. the Ace at $550. Do you think this is a good $200 improvement and what output (low, med, high) would you recommend? I know very little about this but am excited to enter into the analog realm.
Hi bundy, I don't know anything about the Benz Micro Gold but I do have the Ace, and it blew away my Sumiko Blue Point which is about 200.00. The output (low, med, high) you choose depends on the level of gain your pre amp has, for example; you should use high output for a pre amp that has 40-50db of gain and low output for 60db and over. My CJ EV-1 phono pre has 50db of gain, so I chose a high output - I suppose a medium output would work fine, but it would probly start to introduce some noise from the pre amp. You probly know all this by now. Happy listening....gslone