New to Analog

I have finally decided to make the plunge and add an analog front end to my system. I have done some research on tables and there are just so many choices that it is overwhelming especially when you factor in arms/carts. I want to purchase a TT that matches my system in both dollar amount and sonic quality.
2-PS Audio GCA 250
1-PS Auidio GCP Pre Amp
Pair Quad 22L
Raysonic 168 CDP
I am looking for a TT that reflects this system. I want a TT that relects the same quality, not more or not less than what I have.
My initial chioces are:
Rega P3-24
Marantz TT15
Music Hall MM5.1
Thorens TD124

Thanks for the help!
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If you can get a Thorens in good condition (no new parts needed) without paying too much for it, definitely grab it. They are going for quite a bit more money right now than the other tables on your list, though, so that is unlikely. I would say that the Rega is by far the best choice of the other three, certainly better than the Music Hall. I have not actually heard the Marantz, and don't know much about it.
the marantz...which is made by clearaudio may be the best bang for the buck...its no slouch. if the thorens is a museum piece....not 'pretty good' but a genuine 'freak' in near mint condition, you will likely never have a desire to change.