New Tinnitus study and possible treatment (via Science Daily)

Very interesting experimental results. Don’t know how or when it might be made into a widely available treatments. Details here:

On further searching, it looks like there is a device made by a company called Neuromod. Don't know if it's been prescribed, covered by insurance, etc.
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Here's something that might be worth trying if you want to improve your ear health.

I can't see it doing any harm (except maybe raise a few laughs if you were ever to try it in public).

At the very least it certainly helps me to avoid clogged ears after a shower. 



20 Second Miracle Technique for Instant Drainage of Eustachian tubes (Tinnitus, Congestion, Hearing)
@mijostyn said....
"326 participants? Don't hold your breath."
I follow various early stage Pharma stocks and I can tell you that a 326 participant study is indeed a large study! How many do you think you need to determine safety & efficacy?
Thanks for this info.  Let’s hope trials continue to be successful and clinics open in the states. This ringing is a PIA. The other treatment I read about was literally destroying part of your brain. I did my own version of that as a teen and can’t afford to do more.  :-)
Thanks for that. Tinnitus is an interesting malady and (as someone noted above) a pain in the ass. Progress on a treatment for it is most welcome, I would gladly participate if offered the opportunity. Now, back to my own experiments with ghost peppers... 
Why does medicine always attempt to fix the symptoms instead of the cause. Imagine fixing a roof leak with the house foundation shaking. Attempting to fix the sound in your room by not paying attention to the room itself? Instead of an apparatus for the tinnitus, it should be for those whose bodies have been shown (criteria as stated, not disclosed in the article)) to not be deficient in the mineral copper, have excessive free radicals in the body, toxic overload in the body, Oxygen deficiency in the blood vessels. Now we have a salvage procedure that has possible merit with the device. Until enzyme pathways can function at optimum, organs begin to fail, maybe tinnitus is one of the first recognizable cracks in ones deterioration. Doesn’t necessarily have to be. I’m always reminded of an old definition of an optimist. A person that jumps out of a 10 story building and after each floor they pass, they say I’m OK.