New thread about FedEX

Well, since I started a thread to bash FedEX Ground a couple of weeks ago, it is only right that I praise FedEX Express in kind for their yeoman effort in my latest shipping episode.

In having an audio component shipped FedEX 2 Day this week, I was more than impressed. The item was picked up 4:30PM Monday, and arrived to me Tuesday afternoon. All was well, the package was safe and sound. Yes, the reason for them getting to me so fast is that the shipment was simply from the Baltimore, MD area to the Philadelphia, PA area(just a 2 hour drive). But, it is right to praise when praise is due.

Thank you FedEX Express!

Now, about your FedEX Ground service...
I called FedX ground earlier today to get some directions to their facility which is about 10 miles from me & had to have the young lady explain the directions 3 times to me. Maybe it's because I couldn't understand her accent, maybe she couldn't understand mine (born in Chicago) but right off the bat there's a communication problem.

I've been a truck driver for about 20 years and make it a point to both receive & get not just good but excellent directions as I'm sure most here have seen a semi make a U-turn that holds everybody up...

Point is, I could tell the woman became agitated when I asked her for clarification. This points to what? I didn't major in psych & am not prepared nor qualified to give telephone diagnosis but seems to me part of the problem is her demeanor. Failure to communicate is #1 with problems & #2 is a bad attitude. I've called places I'm trying to make a delivery to & have been told,"I don't know how to tell you to get here". "Well", I said, "how do you get there?" "Oh, I just get in my car & drive here, but I don't where it is". I'm not kidding!!! Plenty more stories where that came from.

Hey, FedX is great, just like Trelja just said providing there are no problems.
It's nice to give credit, where credit is due. Good thread, Joe. I always use FedEx (not Ground). I've never had any problem with them. What's extra nice is when you ship COD, they get the check back to you within a few days.
not to rain on this parade, but are we at the point where we have to praise a shipper for doing what they are paid a pretty premium for? being shipped Fedex Express would imply that shipping wasnt cheap.

I had a hellacious 2 days dealing with UPS this weekend, and I finally asked their employee, "how about you do something that makes the customer happy for once?", needless to say, they made me jump through hoops due to an employee error which they could not correct, and they damaged one Monoblock after delivering the packages.
I sent some B&W Nautilus III's and took off the grills for better shipping. The UPS men destroyed them! thank God the recepient was a low key understanding guy. IT took three shipments to get this right, meanwhile two damaged sets of III's and a lengthy insurance claim, guess who probably will eat this one???
Why would anyone ship 2day air for a two hour difference. UPS or Fedex ground would have had it there the next day also. Waste of money in my opinion.
Are you guy's sitting down? A couple weeks ago I sent a power conditioner to a guy in Purto Rico USPS Priority from California. It arrived safely in two, yes I said two days. Now that's something for the record books.

I tempted fate and mailed the same guy another power conditioner two days ago. I wonder if he got it yet? I'll let you know if lightning strikes twice in the same place.
Went to FedEx to ship a package ground last week. The counterperson appeared to finish the transaction, gave me the total, and had my money in hand, and his computer went down. When it came up, the shipping cost went up by $7.00. He did make an adjustment, but it took another 20 minutes. I was there almost 35 minutes, and I was the only person in line. I went to ship something FedEx yesterday. I put it on my charge. The counterperson gave me the FedEx receipt but had me sign nothing, and gave me no Visa receipt. When I inquired, she said I didn't need a receipt and I didn't need to sign anything. Seconds before she muttered something about receipt paper running out (apparently it was too difficult to change it). We'll see how that flies. Every time I go to FedEx ground, the counterpeople complain about how the computer system is new and how this is all new to them since FedEx took over RPS (hasn't it been almost a year since FedEx ground started?). To me it seems that they don't want to handle the heavier packages, but want to stick with those overnight envelopes. I go to FedEx ground because it is more convenient than UPS. On all but one occasion, in which they destroyed a Fender guitar I shipped, my packages have gotten there safe and sound. But in general the attitude of the counterpeople has been less than satisfactory.
I have had excellent service and safe deliveries with Fedex 2cd day air. Always on time and safe. They also just don't dump the package outside your door like UPS. Fedex doesn't update their online tracking as often though. But it is ok. USPS mail priority on small packages is been ok too. But they will only come o you once. Fedex 2cd day is my first choice.
Well this is my story, the Fed-Ex ground people here are the best. But when the pair of B&W 802 series 3 left here they had a problem, one went to one city and a week later the other one went to another city. Too bad the owner was only in one city. The one that went around the country was OK, but the other one was damaged so bad it had to be sent to England to be repaired. These were both in factory boxes. So thats my story.........
An update on my FedEx shipment from last Saturday. Should've arrived Wednesday, but finally arrived today (Friday). Apprently FedEx has sent it to the wrong city, although it was clearly and correctly addressed. The receiver told me when it arrived the box was almost flattened (the item was a small acoustic guitar). She said she made the FedEx guy wait while she opended it. Thankfully I had double boxed, bubble wrapped and used multitudes of peanuts, and it arrived safely. I believe one of the criterea for shipping FedEx ground (or any other) is to overpack.
I'm fortunate never to have had a bad experience with FedEx Air. But last week I took a parcel to them and overheard the counter staff chatting about FedEx Ground. Their concensus was that FedEx Ground sucked majorly and that the air division was beginning to suffer from crossover ill will.

It will be interesting to see how F/E corporate deals with so much dissatisfaction with a name that has justified its higher prices with a reputation for efficiency and speed.