New Thorens TD 350

Any user info avail on the new Thorens TT? Build quality/ sound/ matching cartridges/ pricing?

Im also looking at gettting back to vinyl in a small way.. Been thinking of a MH5SE or MH7 setup.. any other suggestions in this same general price range?

I used a tube integrated and older maggies (2 way planar magnetic circa 1984 that are refurbished)
Thanks in advance.
this one is totally overpriced...the original thorens Td-2001 wich this model is made after, was sold for around 2000 DM (around 1000 $)including cartridge...the Td-2001se with it´s bigger power supply a audioquest sorbothane mat, a grado cartridge and some rdc tuning parts was sold for 3000 the Td-350 sells in germany for i think 2500 Euros wich is almost 5000 DM!!! better get a used 2001 on ebay they sell for around 300-400 Euros (around 400 $) + shipping.