New Thorens Tables

I know they basically just got released, but has anyone here had a chance to hear the new Thorens tables? I know the one of them was just reviewed in The Absolute Sounds, but I was curious if anyone here had heard them.
I love my TD810, it's SWEET sounding. It is stock Rega 250 arm and a newish V15 cartridge. Detail and clarity are better than the Linn it replaced, better dynamics and much more solid bass. I think these are better than the old tables by far! I listened to the 800 and 850 but chose the 810 mostly for it fitting my budget. The TD800 sounded more like my old Linn and the TD850, to my ear was not much better than the 810 but maybe with a better cartridge you would hear more with the 850... I'll admit I'm more into the music than the technical stuff.