New Theta Amp: Enterprise

Theta Enterprise

I'm surprised I haven't heard any buzz about this yet.
I've listened to them at a dealer in the Dallas area, but couldn't really give you an opinion on them since I wasn't familiar with how all the other hardware in the system affected the sound.

Not that it really matters, but I really like the form factor of them - to me, it really makes sense.
Awesome is not the word..

As a guy who has first hand installed 3 pairs of them, I must tell you, they are unreal... The Enterprise are truly in the family of the Citadels and have the amazing sound of the Theta Class Amplifiers.. I have people running them with Legacy, Aerial, Eggleston, Revel and more and pleased is not the word.. Theta has done it again. They are truly spectacular. If you guys want to discuss, give me a ring
732-616-1010 Craig
These amps are simply amazing anyone looking in the price range should give these a look. I have own lots of amps with Levinson being my favorite: the Enterprises is better!! The Theta Enterprise is up there with any of the great amps u must demo a pair!! If anyone else has heard them please comment i truly have enjoyed mine so far!