New TEO Audio ICs, who has them?

TEO has been busy, they recently introduced the KRONOS ICs:

I see they also have an upgraded version of the Game Changer (GC II):

Thanks for posting this. Hopefully Teo can chime in and help explain what’s different about the GC 2 from the original. I like that the price is still reasonable. The Kronon looks to be incredible but I’ll probably never have a chance to hear it.
teo_audio still around here? They used to reply to these kinda threads. 
Hello, we’re still here. Some don’t mind when manufacturers post, some do. So we try to tread lightly in matters that pertain to us.

Paraphrasing from a thread at Canuckaudiomart, when someone asked about construction:

They look almost the same..but internally are quite different.

The GCII is slightly more expensive due to the use of different materials and a more complex assembly protocol, .....that being said we feel the improvement in sound quality far exceeds the rise in price.

You are very welcome on this thread 🙂
Ken you are a good contributor here, please keep on posting...
I wonder if the Splash model will see a revision,.?
@teo_audio  Would you take a standard GC in on grade for a GC II?
@in_shore ...Truth be known the Kronon, which is one of our new cables, is the direct result of an attempt to revise the Splash. We started revising and by the time we were done we had created something that  sounded much better but unfortunately also had higher associated production costs. 

So after thinking about it for a while we decided to keep the Splash as is, and offer the Kronon as a higher priced alternative that provides an increase in performance.
@t_ramey ....Much sorries, but the economics of the situation ( the GC is priced as a direct sale item and the margins are quite thin ) really don't allow for a straight-up trade in ( I'm assuming here that a straight-up trade is what you are asking about ).

Oh no, not an even trade but the original GC’s plus whatever money difference you’d think would make the trade fair. Just a thought I had. 

I have two pairs of the .6m original GC’s. 
@t_ramey ...Will have a chat with Ken and see what we can do.
Taras22 thank you for your reply , the price of the Kronon is more then I want to spend on interconnects However I will be trying out the Splash silver & copper in the next few weeks ,.
I have used both the GC and Splash Rs and have found them to sound outstanding and will be trying the GCII soon since they have raised the bar a little higher with their latest techniques garnered from the Kronon...


You need to try the new Cerious Technologies Matrix cables.

ozzy, which teo ics have you tried?

Have the CTE on my list as well but what's slowing me down is the silver plated copper, just prefer the sound of copper or liquid metal...

Wig :)
Anyone here bought the GC ll yet ? 
Waiting to see if they take any trade ins or not and if they will make a .6m version. 

I tried to order the GC, but Teo-Audio didn't like my criticism of there lack of responsive to emails and about taking money first with long wait times for finished product.
They cancelled my order.

@ozzy ,

Not to worry, the CT Matrix cables are superior sounding in my system.

Not to worry, the CT Matrix cables are superior sounding in my system.
  .....geez, to put this into a proper perspective you are comparing a $1250 cable and a $500 cable straight up ?....well for 2 1/2 times the price it should, at the very least, sound superior, and it maybe should also do the laundry, make a perfect latte, and take out the garbage....

Taras22 your  Teo GC is exceptional with proper matching it will outperform 3x the price.
Teo audio are guys going to Axpona 2018, I hope you guys showed up.
@jayctoy a matter of fact we will be there, we'll be sharing a room with Triangle Art and Angel City Audio ( Rm 610 )....please come knocking....looking forward to shaking your hand and having a chat....
 A couple of hours ago I took delivery of Teo Audio GC 2 ,.,...
Cold out of the box ,...Wow 

more later
Not burned in at all.  Long way to go and they are probably at their worst, right now. :)

But, They have a specific form of a precondition burn in, before they leave our shop.

You are about ..oh....100-150 hrs of ’line level’ (full cd levels, to a preamp) signal way from peak performance.

Do not use cable cookers on Teo Audio cables -just a note for everyone.

Play music to break them in -only.

Do you have the original GC's or any other cable from Teo to compare to?
Exceptional job Teo Audio ,.! 

t-Ramey I do not have any of thier other interconnects or speaker wire this is my very first experience with Teos interconnects.
Right off the bat I was taken by low level resolution that grabbed my attention to things i found difficulty decening what that subtle sound was  ,....well I’m a freak for micro dynamics ,,,.
Anyway,  these interconnects have a tremendous amount going for them , just fabulous . My old FM tuner is going back in service to help settle these interconnects in . 

If the GC II was designed with trickle down technology from Teos flagship Kronos , I’m going to have to buy some .
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Tara’s will see you then at Axpona , We are glad you guys are coming,...
@ t_ramey

.....very sorry for not getting back to you earlier....the bottom line is the GC was originally conceived as a direct sale product whose main purpose was to introduce TEO Audio to a larger audience and to make this happen we cut our margins very very thin....and what that ultimately means is we cannot take trade-ins towards the purchase of the GC11 ( methinks your best option would be to sell your GC cables privately ).....
Taras22 are we be able to purchase your gc2 at Axpona 18?

We were thinking of having some of the new Ultra's and the Kronon's at the show....but nothing is set in stone and the situation is still pretty fluid ....will post about any changes as show time approaches. Are you looking for any specific lengths ?
Taras22 Im interested in your interconnect line up , as I understand your basic interconnect is the Game Changer II then the Ultra ? next the Splash and your flagship Kronon ,.

So three new interconnects GCII , ultra and Kronon , are there plans for an revised Splash II ? 
Two of your interconnects interest me , the Ultra and Splash Rs ,.......and possibly the Kronon . 
Finally are WBT RCAs used on the Ultras ? 
Thank you 

Our latest round of cable tinkering was supposed to produce a revised Splash.....well, long story short, the tinkering produced what has become the Kronon, which a friend, upon first listen, called an OMG cable ( which, granted, is a bit over the top, but the Kronon is a very very fine cable....btw my current fave in our lineup... )....unfortunately the input costs required a price significantly higher than the Splash, so we decided to keep the Splash , and expanded our lineup by adding the Kronon (  both use the same WBT 152 RCA plug...). 

The Ultra is a GC variant that has some features of the Kronon incorporated into its design ( it has the same KLE plug we use in the GC....) and is a wickedly good sounding cable that has taken the GC sound and dramatically improved on it in much the same way the Kronon improved on the Splash ( see review cited above for a great description of that improvement ).

As for the Kronon being the flagship ?, that place is occupied by the Reference, which is now in the final stages of getting a Kronon inspired redesign.... we hope to have it ready for an introduction at Axpona....and we hope a review of same will be coming shortly thereafter.

And almost forgot, there another cable that is the replacement for a cable we called the Standard ( our first cable model ) will be priced somewhere halfway between the Kronon and the Reference....the first were prototypes were a great success but we are considering doing some Kronon-izing to bring up the performance another notch or two.

Hope that helps give a better picture of our line-up.
Taras22 Iam considering 1 meter for the GC 2.
Iam planning to keep the original GC, I wonder how it will match the GC2.
  I read in the dagogo review you can do a balanced xlr termination. Can you do a balanced gc2 version. Coincidently I am just up the road from you in Belleville. 

My GC II have settled in with constant playback from last week and THEY ARE SENSATIONAL ! '........I apologize for shouting  

Now I have a far better idea what my playback components are really capable of including how great many recordings truly are. WOW .
One of the very best bang for the buck you could ever find in cables .


That's awesome! Their cables really captures that live event and can only imagine that the sensation has been magnified with the tweaks! Definitely a bargain...

@ simguy

Unfortunately we don't at present have a GC2 based balanced cable....finding a plug has been a big part of the problem....and to be honest we haven't really bought into the need for balanced ( save to simply serve a market )...we also feel that the RCA route still provides the best bang for the buck for audio applications ( as an example, a GC2 balanced cable would be priced within spitting distance of the Ultra, and the Ultra out of gate is a much better sounding cable than the GC2...)...

teo vs cerious....anyone done the comparison?

Haven’t seen the cost of the Ultra.... what’s it going for these days?
Yes directly , I received a full refund for the Damping Squared ,.
Gwng8 I do have both the ct ic and the Teo GC, very close both good, but the GC has bit more sophistication how it space instrument, it has more air, and transient is a bit better, in my system.The CT speaker cable is super good..

Just to clarify, you have the CT Matrix ic’s in this comparison? I think in_shore had the Matrix when comparing to the GCII. 
T_ramney, no I don’t have the matrix nor the gc2, i will attend the Axpona 2018 , hopefully Teo will bring their G2, Honestly iam super happy to both, I can’t afford the matrix, I think if the G2 is just even a bit improvement of the GC, for the price can’t beat it.
I ordered the GCII and they are currently in route to me and hopefully will have them by Monday and will be able to compare to the original GC. I had the CT GE ic’s and much preferred the GC’s. 
^ looking forward to the results!