New Technics turntables

Is there any reason to purchase a 1200GR rather than a SL1500c if one has absolutely no interest in  DJ  and likes the auto lift function of the 1500? What are you giving up for the $400 savings the 1500 provides? 
Well, from what I read, the speed control and a heavier strobed platter and less complex construction. The 1200GR is one of Technics Grand Class tables whereas the 1500c is a lower Premier Class table. If money is not too tight, or you don’t want the built-in phono amp and cartridge, get the 1200GR.
GR is to expensive for DJs, for this reason Technics just released the mk7 this year for lower price especially for DJs. Actually DJs can use any of them, even GAE, all of them have pictch control which is necessary for djing, but the rest is audiophile quality, especially the G series (the reason for higher price). 

GR is just economy version of the G

But for the price of the G you can buy SP-10 mkII with custom plinth and tonearm of your choice. 

For the price of GR you can still find a nice vintag DD turntable, tonearm and plinth. 

If you want all in one then you will hardly find anything better under $1800 (the price of GR), except the SL1500c which is cheaper. 
You are better off with the 1200 GR. Why would you need auto-lift and built in phono stage if you don't need it?

Why would you need auto-lift and built in phono stage if you don't need it?"

That is so funny why would you want something if you don't want it why would you buy something if you can't buy it why would you write a book if you can't write why would you post to the Internet if you can't post!
Chakster, Why is older always better?  There are many reasons to posit that the best of the G series might be superior to any SP10 Mk2.  And I say that as a past owner of two SP10 Mk2s.  I am thinking about the coreless motor in the G series, as opposed to the iron core motor of an SP10 Mk2.  I think we both agree, or at least you have said it in the past, that a coreless motor is to be desired in DD.  I admit, older is very often better, but not always.

To the OP, if you are an audiophile, get a G series Technics, not the SL1500c, regardless of cost.
I don’t want to say what is better when it comes to an old High-End classics like the SP-10 mkII (which i’ve been using for 5 years) ... and new Technics tunrtables released in the past few years.

I think a classic is an option, anyone can buy a new technics anytime.

I’ve seen amazing prices not only on SP-10 mkII, but also on Denon DP-80, Pioneer PL-70II ... Luxman PD-441 (small one) is also a great bargain.

And i am more happy with my two Luxmans PD-444 than with any Technics i’ve owned (like SP-10 mkII), still have two upgraded SL1210mkII.

Some people would like to buy one turntable (all in one) to use it forever.

People like me would like to use a turntable with any tonearm/cartridge and it must be super easy to swap the tonearm without drilling a hole in the plinth and so on ... The reason i use Luxman PD-444 is the ability to swap a tonearm in 10 min.

After all i like the process, i definitely need more than 2 tonearms and more than 1 turntable.

Also i think many people are in love with vintage design, i don’t know any other new turntable to compete with Technics, but i know many vintage turntables to compete with Technics in $1-2k price.
Why would you need auto-lift?
I suppose it could happen that you fall asleep on the sofa while listening.  lol
Chakster, Why is older always better?

I will tell later the story of an owner of SP 10II who sold this to take a 1200GR and what he thinks.
Why would you post if you have nothing constructive to add to the discussion? Did you get your rocks off making fun of me? Why don't you find another site to do your trolling since you don't contribute much here!

I will tell later the story of an owner of SP 10II who sold this to take a 1200GR and what he thinks.   

yes, please 
So, the consensus is to buy the 1200 GR even though you don't want or need DJ features? 
Virtually the friend owned until october 2018 3 turntables that sold easily to purchase the SL 1200GR
Technics SP 10 MK2
Technics SL 1015
Technics SL 1025

Setting aside the discussion the 1015 and 1025 and talking about the SP10mk2 this was his:

He is very happy with the 1200 Gr considers it well built, the quality that is perceived is superb and is very satisfied.

He compared the noise produced by the engine of the SP 10 II and that of the 1200GR with a stethoscope (he is a doctor) in his opinion the noise is non-existent on both and this means that they are very very quiet, has alternating the cartridges he possesses on both and not he noticed better differences passing from the SP10 vs 1200 GR while with different arms.

Unfortunately, the 1200GR looks too much like the old 1200 and this not everyone can like it but the features that the GR has are a must (different set-ups are possible to adjust the brake and the start for example), however he did not notice any differences listening to a comparison between turntables.
Why did you then sell SP 10II after 15 years of happy cohabitation if they sound the equal?
Meanwhile, the 1200 GR is a new and innovative project and in the event of failure, the spare parts will be found in the years to come, while for the SP 10II if something breaks, the parts are no longer found and we must be damned to be able to repair it.

The reason is all there.

But I know that everything is possible to fix repairs so those who want to continue to keep sp 10MK2 can safely do it.

How do you really tell until you get your ears on both? Personally, I prefer a pickup at the end of the record. I wouldn't sacrifice sound quality for it,  but I'd love to hear a 1500C. 
best-groove, If you can re-interpret the following sentence fragment, I might have a better idea of what you're trying to say: "...has alternating the cartridges he possesses on both and not he noticed better differences passing from the SP10 vs 1200 GR while with different arms."  

What was your friend's thinking as regards the stethoscope experiment? (I'm a doctor, too.)  Listening to music using a pair of familiar speakers driven by a known amplifier is the test, assuming neither turntable is grossly malfunctioning.  And yes, one must do the comparison with the same tonearm and cartridge on both turntables, for the results to have meaning. I realize that may be inconvenient if not impossible, because the GR tonearm is fixed.

Finally, I am not at all concerned about the future repairability of any of my already ancient DD turntables.  They are all beautifully made out of materials that will never degrade.  The only moving part that wears is the bearing, and bearings can always be renewed.  The motor and associated electronics are made of parts that can be sourced without recourse to the company that originally built the turntables.  What I would worry about is the continued availability of smart EEs who understand how these things work and are willing to fix them.

So, the consensus is to buy the 1200 GR even though you don’t want or need DJ features?

The ONLY "dj feature" is pitch control fader, which is actually a very nice feature even for audiophiles. If you don’t want to change a pitch of music just press the button to bypass it. No harm for audiophile playback.

When a turntable designed for use in the club with high pressure of sound (very loud sound system, deep bass from huge subwoofers near the stage with turntables) is must be a good bonus, becase isolation of the plinth and platter to avoid bass feedback must be superior.  

Any other "DJ feature" is a myth. 

listened to both turntables with the stethoscope, said that both very silent engines very similar to each other, indistinguishable.

What I was trying to explain is that by moving his cartridges from the SP10II to 1200GR after more auditions he has not noticed substantial differences stating that neither of the two turntables is superior to the other .... then it can be argued that they are very questionable tests if the tonearms do not they are the same, or the cables are not the same, etcetera but this was his thought and I can not discuss his word.
Who wants the new product can easily do it, will have a good turntable equal to the SP 10II only much more modern and current.

I tried to explain that for SP 10II there are always spare parts, he knows that I restore the Technics (I own 6 in the my private collection and differents spare parts) and in case of problems on his turntable I could help him in case of problems but he did not want to listen to me... he wanted to change turntables without suffering low quality.

Sorry for my bad english ... I hope you understood my speech
What if you had a 1200 GR and a 1500C next to each other with identical phono cartridges, would one turntable better the other?
GR must be better than 1500c

The GR is more expensive without cart and phono stage which is included in the lower price semi-automatic 1500c


I'm really thinking of the 1500c as I get back into vinyl after many years. I like the idea of a built in phono plus, I can use external phono as well. I could upgrade the RED stylus to a blue. The phono has decent reviews. I would guess its a typical under $200 phono. I can get a really good deal on a 1210GR thu my dealer, however with a blue cartridge and cheap phono, I'm looking at $1800. Whereas I'm all in with the 1500c at $1200 (or $1400 with blue stylus). 

It's tempting to go with the 1210GR...
Different strokes for different folks.  You've got good reasons to do what you want to do, Abery, but if your requirements were not what they are, the point is that the 1200GR is almost certainly the "better" turntable, given that the differences in favor of the 1200GR may not be meaningful or useful for your needs. In other words, go for it.
You've got me thinking. I'm willing to bet the built in pre of the 1500c is no better than the cheap options like the Schitt or even this one (I have 78's as well---and will be getting a dedicated mono/78 cartridge)
I'm now leaning toward the 1210GR. I already ordered an ATVM540ML cartridge. I'm also thinking of the MoFi Studio phono (mono button) since I have many mono albums. The Studio Phono looks like the best low cost option. Eventually I would like to get a Graham Slee Jazz or similar for non RIAA settings. 
The studio Phono is now on its way. Next up will be ordering the 1210 this weekend
Does anyone actually have a 1500C? I'm about to take the plunge as it seems to be so much turntable for the money and I'm fed up of stuff needing TLC
There’s one at my local audio shop, but I have not listened to it yet. I like the look a good bit. Darko has a you tube review site and owns a Planar 2 and a 1500C. Please check his site to confirm, rather than trusting this exact info, but that’s what I recall. He prefers the sound of the Planar, which I thought was a bit surprising. Either way, take this with a grain of salt, and listen for yourself. I would think there is a bigger difference in performance between the GR (approx $1800 US) and 1500C ($1500 US) than one might think. If you don’t have to have the Auto -Lift, your decision is made for you. I wouldn’t get too wrapped up in the phono stage... you will likely not use it much. Just my opinions !
Darko also reviewed new Technics mk7 and this is better than 1500c in my opinion, you don’t need Ortofon Red cartridge anyway and external phono stage is better. So buying mk7 you pay only $900 for brand new Technics. 
The Technics 1200G sounds more like a higher end 5 figure belt drive turntable for a lot less money and arguably does some things better.  It's a tough table to beat for the money.