New Tara Lab The ONE

Can anyone tell me what are the differences between the new and the old version THE ONE? Thank You!
More expensive.

Sorry for the sarcasm. I've seen the ads for the new THE ONE. Haven't listened to it. Did they make this one solid core?
Not 100% sure but didn't they incorperate the ground isolation product they sale into the cable? If Tara Reads this page can you let us know?
On the old ONE the ISM ground station was an outboard box and connected to the cable by thin leads. In the new ONE all of the ISM is directly Onboard the cable (no more boxes). Supposedly better, yet you can still get the old One the last time I checked.
Even as an avid Tara fan, I have a hard time keeping up with the variations on these cables. I use several "The One" ICs, as well as speaker cables. Outstanding cables!

To clarify, the original "The One" came with a separate "chasis ground station" which was highly recommended to be upgraded to their "Floating Ground Station" Cost $1895 for the cable plus $600 for the upgraded ground station. (This ground station could actually handle two pairs of cables.)

More recently, Tara upgraded this configuration with a further improved floating ground station and now includes it with the cable (1M) for about $2195. A bit of savings, but the station only supports one pair of cables. This config is currently available.

Most recently, Tara added the "on board" RFI grounding system to eliminate separate boxes and simplify cable runs. Argent's sarcasm is dead on, however, because the cost increase for this system jumps to a whopping $3200 for 1M. Supposedly there is a comensurate improvement in sound, however, we're still talking big bucks.

For long runs the On board may make more sense, and I think I'm going to test the waters, although I'm still trying to come to grip with the cost of a multiple meter Pre to Amp length.